Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weight gain

I weighed Jonah again today. Hey at least I am not being obsessive and doing it every day! I am holding off every 3 or 4 days! But I do believe I can just let it go as it is clear that this little guy does not have any weight or feeding issues. He weighed in at 8lbs 7.5 oz. Way to go kiddo! I did not get to weigh Jedidiah as he was having a melt down. I tried to take that spoke wheel picture, and that just did not go over well. So we just went on with our day and I figured I would weigh him tomorrow.

Here is a funny. We have this wonderful tincture for colic called Colic Ease (from Wish Garden Herbs) that I have been using for Jonah. Jedidiah has been very enamored with anything I have for the baby and will usually pick it up, look at it and then hand it to me. Well one day he picked up the colic drops and I expected he would just hand them to me. However he didn't and I kind of lost track as to where he last had them. I knew they were in my room somewhere and I figured I would look for them later. Well that later came as I drank some store bought milk, which does not agree with Jonah (or any of my other kiddos as infants for that matter), and I could not find them. I looked high and low. So seeing as how I couldn't find them, plus they were two years old (although not expired) I went online to order some more. I asked Jeremiah to pick them up on the way home and mentioned that knowing Murphy's law I would probably find them before he got them. Yup, how true, how true. I am sitting low on the bed changing Jonah's diaper. My nose is a bit runny from shedding a few tears while watching Little House on the Prairie (can we say hormones!) so I reach for my small box of tissues. How weird that it feels so heavy for a box of tissues I think...until I look inside....Colic Drops!!!Ha, ha, ha. Oh well now we will have a back up bottle.

Ok, off to see if the girls are picking up their mess. Then hopefully we will enjoy a quiet evening together.

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