Saturday, July 12, 2008

More birthday celebrations


Today Moira turned nine! It turned out to be a decent day, although not the most perfect. Jeremiah and I are both sick, and we spent a lot of time on the couch. But the girls got to decorate the dining room, make and decorate the cake and then go outside to play with the water hose. We had a steak, mashed potatoe and cranberry sauce dinner. Jeremiah gets a kick out of the fact that each girl asks for cranberry sauce for their birthday dinner. After dinner Moira got to open her gifts. Then we ate cake. The cake is a picture of a collie, a theme Moira picked for her day. So here are the pictures of the celebration:

Here is the birthday girl with her birthday sign. She wanted a dog theme, and she got it!

Here is the clan (minus Jeremiah who is taking the picture) in our decorated dining room. Compliments of Isabella.

This is a gift from Isabella. One day Moira asked her what happened to Isabella's dog and Isabella told her that she left it at someone elses house. Smart thinking. The dog and her new owner. Happy together.

Here is a gift from Nana and Grandpa. She got a book (in front of her) and this beautiful red headed doll. The funny thing is that Jedidiah was just as excited as the other girls were to see her. The girls all have baby dolls and Jedidiah has NEVER taken one iota of an interest in them. But this little doll....he just kept asking for it. Too funny.

Here is the birthday girl and her sisters. Moira is wearing my gift, which is an apron. It is hard to see the top as it blends in with her green t-shirt. I am very glad that it fits well.

Here are Isa and Moira modeling with their cake creation. It is a picture of a collie head. It is hard to make out the nose, but they did a very good job. Moira was excited to use the letter candles. They melted very quickly! Hurry, sing quick before the cake burns! Ha, ha.

So it was a wonderful evening. Things are winding down. I am very much looking forward to bed. Not because I am actually tired, but my body just feels worn out from trying to kick this illness. Our new brew here is garlic lemonade. It sounds weird, but actually tastes decent. You drink it warm. The garlic has lots of illness fighting good stuff, and the lemons have lots of vitamin C. It is sweetened with honey to taste. It is a very comforting drink. Jeremiah and I have downed quite a few cups of it since last night. We will all be staying home from church tomorrow. On a regular day going to church wears me out. I LOVE going, but between getting all the kids ready on time, and getting a lunch meal to take with us for the buffet fellowship we have afterwards, then afterwards just watching the kids outside....well by the time I get home I am worn out. So in an effort to continue on towards health before this baby gets here we will be staying home. Thankfully we can Skype in! So we can listen live to our service. Very neat!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Moira!!

Also, sorry to hear that a bug is going around...I pray you are healthy very soon before the new baby comes! Also, when you have a chance, could you please email me the recipe for the garlic lemonade (sounds really interesting and I would like to try it!). Thanks!


p.s. if you have the baby tomorrow -- it's a great day (my father's birthday -- ha ha)

Katie said...

What great pictures! You have a lovely family :-)

Do you guys have a collie? Or is that just a favorite animal of hers?

Kerri said...

Ha, ha, the collie just happens to be the favorite dog of the month :-) We actually have two German shepherds. I think a little while ago her favorite dog was a poodle. So it changes. It is so funny that kids are like that. I am sure I was just the same way too!

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