Wednesday, July 02, 2008

An interesting picture

For anyone who has followed our laundry saga, this picture will make complete sense to you. And if not, you can still appreciate it if you are the laundry care taker of your home :-)

What do you notice about these laundry baskets? Anyone? Maybe you said, "Kerri, with the exception of one pink shirt, they are EMPTY." Well by golly you would be right, they are EMPTY!!! It has only taken me two weeks and a couple of days to get ALL of our laundry washed/re-washed (and multiple times I might add to try to kill off the mold). I just ordered that new product I talked about earlier. It should arrive in a week. I am very eager to try it out. For now I am washing things with our regular laundry soap with some added drops of tea tree oil. Then drying as usual.

1 comment:

Katie said...

Totally impressed over here. I will not be taking any pictures of laundry baskets in my house ;-)

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