Monday, August 31, 2015

They say bad things happen in threes

I would like to have a talk with "they".  I am wondering if we could get some award for having had far above three bad things happen in a row?  So far something bad has happened every single day for the past 22 days.  No joke.  Some of the biggies....broken toe....then reinjuring it, broken water heater, broken AC unit...again, another dying goat (thankfully saved), and a whole host of other issues each day.  I was beginning to be fearful of waking up for the next day....what to expect. Not fun.

So as you can imagine things have been quiet here on the blog.  I am about to start a very large organizing children are not thrilled, especially since there are severe consequences if the work does not get done.  The problem is that I have been extremely stressed most of the summer.  All of my plans to get things in gear, up and running for the new school year were totally trashed.  I mean, smacked down, dragged through the mud, trampled on trashed.

But I put all of this at the feet of Christ.  Since all of this was adding more stress to my already stressful life.  This is bad for family life.  Bad.  So I am planning on tackling the house, BUT maintaining my time with the Lord, playing with my children and on top of it all starting the Maker's Diet.  Seems a bit much, but the unfortunate thing is that there are some very big health issues going on over here that NEED to be addressed before they get even worse...which would pretty much bring me to an edge of a cliff.

So my life will be filled with lots of food prep and cleaning.  That means lots of babysitting for my girls.  Don't worry, after we get organized they will have a load of free time, but for now, it's time to batten down the hatches!  Life can not keep going this way.  There are most certainly some things we are doing that are adding to the misery, some things out of our control.  I can only deal with the things that I have control over.

This morning found me traveling to Walmart to get a tarp so that our male goats could have shelter from the rain.  Nothing like being prepared. Oy.  I have to say that is one of my very big pet peeves.  Having animals, but not the means to care for them properly.  And I just got word we are expecting more rabbits even though we are beyond maxed out with what we have.  Even if we slaughter some of them (they are meat rabbits), I am doubting we will have enough cages.

I've never wanted to live in a magazine ready home.  But I wouldn't mind living in a half way decently clean house with an outside that I don't have to fear for my children's lives (it's really not that bad, I just like being dramatic).  No, really, I just hate that no matter where you step you know you have some measure of 'poop' on the bottom of your shoe (goat pellets, rabbit pellets, chicken poo, huge horse pellets....and the lovely hidden cat poo here and there).  After getting the house organized, or maybe in the middle of it, we plan on pulling up the living room carpet and painting the sub flooring.  Not the best option, but better than having a disgusting carpet, without the funds for wood flooring.  It is at least cleanable!

Alrighty, I have a very long list of food prep that needs doing **today**.  Wish me luck ;-)
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