Thursday, July 03, 2008

A busy day

Whew! What a busy day we had yesterday! I am hoping that today will be just as busy, but with other goals to be met. Before I go on, please all stop by Moira's blog, she put up a new post.

So yesterday was full and here is what I was able to accomplish:
At breakfast I made up an extra batch of pancakes for the freezer. The girls did school, I checked their work. We went outside for a bit, it was very nice out. Jedidiah played in a muddy puddle most of the time :-) So it was baths all around when we got in. I made bread for our lunch. We folded up and put away all the laundry. I had about 4 loads waiting to be folded. We had to run out and get our goats milk. We stayed for just a bit to chat. When we got home I was able to use the milk for some recipes that I was waiting to get to. So I made two dozen blueberry muffins, for the freezer. I also made up our dinner, which was twice baked potatoes. I made extra so that we have two dinners worth in the freezer. And I put together three dinners worth of sloppy joes. We were going to go to prayer meeting, but it was getting late. And unfortunately at the very end of my pregnancies I hate to be separated from my family. I was going to stay home with Jedidiah and the two youngest girls since Jedidiah didn't have a nap today, and his tummy was upset (from his meds I believe). But Jeremiah decided on another plan.....we all go out for ice cream! Yum! So out we went, then home we came. Got Jed to bed and we did family worship before sending the girls off to bed themselves. And as Moira says, "The End."

So my focus today is to rearrange my freezer. There is NO room left in it. Part of the space is being taken up by bread products to go with our meals. I suppose I should have just waited till we needed them. The only problem is I don't want Jeremiah to keep making store runs every other day after the baby! There are a couple of things that I will take out to eat this week, not any of the precooked food. I want to make up two more dozen blueberry muffins. And when our bananas ripen I want to make four dozen banana muffins. Muffins are a great snack the kids can get on their own. Along with any extra pancakes we have left over with our breakfasts, that is all the extra food I intend to make before the baby comes. Then I want to tackle the cleaning of the bathrooms, and mop the kitchen floor. I also have an appointment with my midwife. She had to cancel out Saturday appointment as she had a birth to go to. Today marks 38 weeks, so only two weeks left! Although I am thinking I will go about a week to 4 days early. Just my guess. Jeremiah's guess is the 7th and all the girls are rooting for the 12th, which is Moira's b-day. I told Moira that if that happens she will be having a late birthday party :-) But she says she doesn't care, because she'll have a baby for her present. LOL I want to get the kids outside as well, since this coming weekend we have days of rain forcasted. I am sure it is only the evening storm type of rains, but still, it would be good to get them out with the nice weather.

Ok, off to make a yummy breakfast.....juicy eggs and hash browns, YUM!


lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

ahhh I so need to pack the freezer with pancakes!

Beth said...

Goodness Kerri, your schedule sounds exhausting! Keep up the great work, but don't forget moments here and there to put your feet up.

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