Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How we've been spending our time lately...

It was a rough week, or two...or three?  Something like that.  We had a cold go round, then Aubrey ended up in the ER for an abscess, twice actually, then we all got the tummy bug.  I mean how much fun can you get than all that?  Thankfully there were some good times mixed in there, and here are some of them:

 It is always fun to upload pictures from my camera to see what surprises await me :-)  Why, yes, goaty-goat, we built that sand box just for you.  Please enjoy.  I am sure she was, since she is heavy with kid...more likely 'kids'.  We are thinking triplets.  Any day now!

 When the girls are away, the boys do play!  One night, the night we found Aubrey's abscess, the girls were invited over to a friend's birthday party.  So the boys and I had a pizza making party.  Here is Aubrey helping me with grinding the wheat.  You can tell he keeps his hands *out* of the wheat, can't you?

 Some needed items to make the pizzas.  The boys wanted to make 'shape pizzas', just like Curious George did in the Pizza Party book.  They had plans of making all sorts of things, like a praying mantis.  I didn't have the heart to tell Jed that trying to make a praying mantis out of pizza dough may be near impossible.  Thankfully he forgot about that once the dough was ready to work.  The boys all ended up making regular pizzas.

 Having the chance to roll out their OWN pizzas was one of the highlights to be sure.

 Aubrey would roll his out, then smoosh it back into a ball.  He didn't get too far doing that!  Ha, ha.

 Lots of pizza balls, ready in anticipation of multiple pizza shapes.  The boys ended up only making one pizza each.

 Jed working on his dough.

 Sauce time!  Thankfully not as messy as I had imagined it would be.

 Jed running cold water over his finger.  He burned it on the pan.  Here he is showing me that he's fine.

 It is always good to see Jed engaged in things like cooking.  He can still be a bit 'off in his own world' at times.  I can see him as a computer techie when he is older.  While Jeremiah was fixing our computer Jed was asking a million questions about which wire did what, or what was wrong, or where this or that went.

 Jonah with his finished pizza.  He insisted waving in his picture.

 Dig in boys!

 Aubrey really did have fun.  It seems he isn't smiling in any of the photos!  He was very proud of how his pizza turned out, except that....

 ...he never got around to eating it!!!  Poor little guy fell asleep...in the pizza.  Reminds me of a picture we have of Moira as a small kiddo falling asleep in her hot dogs.

 On another day it was time to make a special treat of ours.  Can you guess what it is?

 Some homemade chocolate sauce, some almonds, dates, and other seeds of choice.

 And eggs.  Ok, not really, this was just the 'holding' case for our yummies.

 Nut balls!  They go like hot cakes around here.  We did these in the homemade chocolate, and roll them in the coconut flakes, or chia seeds.

 Here we are having a hay day with the tummy bug!  That red edge on the left is Jonah's puke bucket.  Aubrey fell asleep, and Merida joined them all.  Thankfully she wasn't sick, but the past two days she has been very hard to console, which is very unusual for her.  Poor little girly.

 Sweet dreams.

 We had some warm days thrown in all of this.  I was going to download some videos of Flannery jumping our goats.  Yes, she has trained our goats to go over jumps.  Totally crazy.  But the service I have always used now only allows 30 seconds of video footage for free.  Um, I'll pass.  I'll have to try another method.

 Saoirse enjoying the outdoors.

Hope you are all enjoying some good weather!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

This morning

This morning has been a slow one.  We still have a lot that needs to be done as we are re-doing our spring cleaning.  The house wasn't exactly kept up with and it is proving difficult to get things done.  I am finally starting to get back into the swing of things, and having things in order is essential.  Before we dive into our work day I snapped a couple of pictures...

Breakfast is a messy affair.  Three little boys, lots of seeds, need I say more?

One day I have to 'show off' my new labels for my glass jars.  I am a bit bummed that some of them got smudged, but oh well, we can still read it.

 The view in one of the girls' bedrooms.  Three big girls reading, while one little one tries falling asleep.  I have to keep threatening the girls that I am going to confiscate their books!  They keep escaping to read!  The nerve!  (I know, I know, it's a terrible problem to have :-))

 Those lazy scoundrels :-)

 They are training the littlest at this whole lazy reading affair as well.  Hey, we start training them young around here!

All that reading just knocked the poor girl out.  Sleep tight.
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