Thursday, June 25, 2009

catching up

Here are some things going on around here in list format.

Our cat had three kittens.

Jeremiah got attacked by a St. Bernard! Ouch! He got gouged on his arm pretty badly.

Jonah has taken his first steps officially at 10 months old, he is now 11 months and walking about 6 to 8 steps at a time.

Jedidiah was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech (officially).

Jonah has four new teeth coming in...that spells, fussiness!

We have fallen off the new diet band wagon.....due to other things popping up and stealing into our grocery budget. Alas, I am trying to find a way to work it out as I have seen us go down hill with our success that we had made. I am trying to look at this as a journey, enjoying the journey and not fussing about not being at our destination.....yet :-)

Jedidiah has been trying ALOT of new foods. That is really amazing!

I made my first batch of kefir with the thawed goats milk. Freezing the milk first and then thawing it really does take the goaty taste out of it. However I kept the grains "brewing" too long and it is very tart! Try, try again.

I am trying my hand at the Above Rubies sour dough bread. I am on day three of making the starter. We shall see what becomes of it.

We started our new school year two weeks ago. Things are going well. We are not doing everything every day, BUT we are getting a lot done and I am happy with the work we are getting done. There will need to be a lot more tweaking, but it takes time to get a routine going.

We will be celebrating a bunch of birthdays this coming month. Birthday season :-)

I am doing more study in homeopathy. I was able to stop a very nasty sinus infection in its tracks with a remedy. And trust me this was a nasty infection. I've had about a gazillion of them in my years....I know a nasty one when I see it. I was going down hill fast, we had company over and I thought how awful if I had to be laid up in bed instead of being hospitable. So I looked my remedy book over, took the one I thought fit the best and kept taking it a varying intervals. And by the next day I was totally fine!

We've had a few chickens go to chicken heaven.... or wherever they go when your very own dogs play too roughly with them! We just put out our guineas, and I am hoping they will not fly off to never be heard of again. That would be gratitude for ya! Our chickens should start laying eggs any day now. I am very excited about that. I know the girls will be tickled.

We've been swimming a couple of times in our friends pond. Everyone had a blast. The girls all wear life preservers and enjoy swimming out to the floating dock. Jed is in love with the water.
And Jonah can't get enough of it either. My little fishies.

I'm sure there is more, but I really need to get back to work. I am very pleased that we are getting all our work done each day. I just really need to work in getting everyone doing it in a timely manner. It would be much better to have set times to do chores instead of how we are handling them now. But its all about baby steps! I still need to get to work on making the girls some split skirts. The best time is in the evenings when Jonah has gone off to bed, but other things keep coming up. For now Jeremiah and I are starting to watch the DVD collection of "Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World". I assure you it is more important than skirts at the moment ;-)

I will try to write a more normal post soon, with pictures (I just cut Jed's hair and he always looks sooooo different).

What are we to DO?

Wow, it's been a while since I last wrote! Just been keeping busy around here, which is a good thing. There are a few things to report here and there, but I will make a catch up post later. For now I have a question. And seriously if anyone has the answer or has read of an answer, do let me know. There is this Russian journalist that wrote an article on how Marxist the US is and how we are doing nothing about it. It is rather depressing. I've read a lot about this lately and most people say that we are just on the brink of no return. They say there is still a short amount of time for us to do something about it, BUT NONE of them are saying what that "something" IS. I'm all for joining efforts to protect our freedom and to see that our country returns to the Constitution, BUT I need to know WHAT I am supposed to be doing to help with that. I am one of those people who are the last to know everything. No, seriously I am. So here I am without a clue, does anyone want to help me out here?

For anyone who is interested in protecting our parental freedoms do make sure that you check out for the latest information. Do make those calls. I was very excited to see that they disconnected Rice's line since we tied it up. I was not able to get through to the White House comment lines yesterday, but I plan on trying today. And it looks as if my House Rep is not on their supporters list either, meaning another call. Please don't make light of this, our children's future (and grandbabies) depends on it.

OK, now back to our regularly scheduled program :-) (Coming later on today hopefully)

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Pictures from our very busy weekend (last weekend)

Our weekend was very, very busy. On Saturday we had the girls start their year end testing. Then we went to pick some strawberries. After that we went to what we thought was supposed to be an agricultural festival, and it ended up being something else. What ever it was there was a TON of people there! After that, since we were 'in town' we went to the health food store to get Jed's formula stuff. We went home very tired :-)

And off they go!!!! The girls are heading into strawberry land.

Jonah and I hanging out after picking the berries. It was hot out there!

Jed had a lot of fun running up and down the rows. He picked a few berries. I was surprised he didn't eat a bunch as he really loves strawberries.

Saoirse did a great job picking berries, she ended up with a whole bucket full!

Jonah wasn't sure what to make of all this. I would give him a berry and he would look it over. He would slowly put it to his mouth. He would take a few nibbles and would end up on the ground. Silly boy.

Don't like strawberries? That would be very odd as this boy puts everything in his mouth! And he eats (or tries to eat) everything he puts into his mouth.

Jed strolling along. This was when we first started and he was actually trying to pick berries. After this he just ran up and down the rows, over and over again.

Jedidiah saying good-bye to people we don't know. He loves saying hello and good-bye to people.

Here we are at the agriculture festival that wasn't. We were taking a break under a tree. Jonah had been strapped to me or in a seat all day and he was very happy to get down and crawl around.

The girls each got one of these fans. I am guessing they are peacocks here? Silly girls.

Flannery being a bird.

Jed checking out the fans. He was really fascinated by them.

A picture of the whole crew taking a break.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

How our appointment with the holistic practitioner went

A note---I started writing this up yesterday so sorry for the time references being off.

I am very excited to tell you all about our appointment that we had yesterday. We were there for two hours so do forgive me if this is not in order, nor if it all makes sense :-) There was a LOT to take in yesterday, things that we will be trying to 'digest' for a while I am sure. I was very pleased with her ideas on health in general. Sometimes I know deep down what I think on a matter, but it's not until I hear or read someone elses thoughts that I can finally have words for it. Her reasoning of why allopathic care does not work is because it is based on evolution. The idea is we climbed out of the primordial soup and developed some lungs, then thousands of years later we developed something else, like a gall bladder. Then thousands of years later we developed kidneys.....we are all very much aware of this THEORY. However that leads physicians to think that no harm will come to you if you are sick and they need to take your gall bladder out, or your kidney, or any other body part. After all, they are separate entities, just housed in one package. But we didn't climb out of soup, we were wonderfully and fearfully created WHOLE by a loving God. You can not start taking pieces of you out without having ill affect. This concept can be found even with pharmaceuticals. You take one med for your heart, but that effects your blood pressure, so you need to take another med, but that one also effects your blood sugar and so on. Anyways I liked what she had to say on the matter. I also liked the fact that she also assessed his emotional health. She was saying that our being is made up not only of physical matter, but also emotional, spiritual and mental. You can not expect a complete healing if you don't address all parts of your being. So on to the actual testing.

The practitioner had these drawers of vials. She used kinesiolgy to test Jedidiah. The most simplistic explanation I can give is that all things in the universe have a measurable frequency. Each type of germ, or matter, or whatever has a frequency. She is able to tell with touch whether Jedidiah was deficient or weak in certain areas based on the contents of the vials. Just to give you some amazing things she found that have been documented or we knew of but she did not.....She was able to tell us that Jed is VERY low on iron. A blood test that his GI doctor did recently already told us this. She also told me that he very recently inhaled a toxic substance. I had just sprayed bug spray the day before in a room that we were all in throughout the day. This bug spray is toxic, it wasn't person friendly :-( And the last is something we could get confirmation on, but I don't think we need to. She asked us if he had been waking up at night. I told her he had been the past few nights. Then she asked if we noticed him messing with his ears. Again, he had been doing this very recently. I thought it was just another Jed "thing" that he started. She then told us that he had an ear infection. She was also able to tell us that it was caused by one of the flu viruses. Well not three weeks ago Jed was VERY sick. We don't have confirmation that it was the flu, but the likely hood is high. So the fact should could tell us these things was pretty amazing.

This is, to the best of my knowledge, what she believes happened with Jedidiah. We ran overtime with our appointment and we were not able to ask all the questions we wanted (she said I could email her with any questions) so there are some holes that need to be filled in. She was running her hand over a bunch of vials and said she already knew what the root cause of all this was. I really hate to tell exactly what as it's pretty gross, so I will just say there are some "buggies" that can interfere with a woman's hormones, which would explain Jedidiah's extremely small placenta. The small and unhealthy placenta is the start of poor nutrition and perhaps lack of oxygen that Jedidiah experienced inutero. She then asked us if Jed's heart had been tested. I didn't remember it being tested, although Jeremiah said they hooked Jed up to an EKG at Duke. I'm not sure how I forgot that, but it is possible. She said that there was something wrong with his heart. She thought that it may just be very weak. That was probably the result of his poor nutrition. However, the body has a safety mechanism. It will not let the body outgrow the strength of the heart. Therefore Jed will not grow until his heart is able to handle the extra burden. If we get his heart healthy then his body can grow as it should. There is definitely stuff wrong with his central nervous system. His speech issue showed up in her testing. But the cns stuff came in at the end and I did not get to ask her specific questions yet on it. It is interesting that the next day Jed's speech therapist came for her visit and told me that she scored his Apraxia evaluation and he does indeed have Apraxia.......hmmmmm, pretty interesting. Jed is also experiencing a LOT of stress. So much so that she wants him on a supplement (ok, a lot of supplements) for his adrenals. The "lots" of supplements are addressing a wide range of issues like his low iron, brain health, and digestive enzymes and good bacteria, etc. She said that his adrenals were really working overtime and that his body will not be able to heal until his stress level comes down. Jed of course gets "freaked out" by lots of things, thus putting him in a constant state of stress. The adrenals release chemicals that will inhibit his body from healing properly. She kept asking me if I had chicken pox while pregnant with Jed. I told her I had a very, very mild case as a child and to my knowledge didn't have a recurrence during his pregnancy. So I really need to ask her why she asked me about that. At the end she assessed his emotional health. She asked about sibling rivalry at home. Jed used to ignore the baby, which always had me wondering. All of our girls had some reactions, but Jed didn't seem to. He may have been holding it in. Recently though Jed has been constantly pushing Jonah. He will run up to him if he is about to grab a toy and take it. Now a lot of this is typical behavior, but he does it CONSTANTLY. So apparently it shows. Jedidiah also has issues with digestion---REALLY?? I'm joking about the 'really??' part :-) Although what we thought all along was reflux is due to his cns, he does have issues with digestion. Again I will have to ask for more details as I am curious at the big picture of his digestive system.

Phew! I know there was a bunch more smaller things that I can't even remember right now. We started giving him his new remedies that she gave us. If any of you thought homeopathy was weird, you would have really freaked when you saw her making up his remedies! Ha, ha. She took ALL the vials that Jed tested "positive" to and put them on this small machine. Then she put a bottle of water on the other side of the machine. She pushed a button and that made all the frequencies transfer over from the vials to the bottle of water. Yeah, I told you it was crazy. Here is the even crazier part. She said to give him four doses a day. She said that people with cns issues tend to be too sensitive to the remedy and they need do decrease it to 3 or 2 times a day. If at 2 times a day he was still too sensitive then we were to put the dose on his foot. That is what we have to do with Jed's homeopathy by the way. Well the very first day was crazy. Jed was all over the place, being very loud, screaming, couldn't sit still to save his life and couldn't focus for more than three seconds. I am not kidding! Even his speech therapist asked me, "What is WRONG with him?!?" It was that bad! Today, which is day two of the new remedies, has proven better. The past day and a half his teeth grinding made a huge return and was about to drive us all mad. But this afternoon he had stopped. So hopefully we will be on the up and up now. She said that we should start seeing results in one week. Baby steps though.....getting a bit better here, and little better there, each week. The good news is that his homeopathy has paved the way for him to be in better health. We added the glyconutrients back into his diet and in two weeks he has gained ONE FULL pound!! That is amazing! He looks so good right now, pale, but good :-) I'll have to get a picture up of him tomorrow. I'm on the back computer and we don't have our pics on this one.

OK, sorry if that was too much, but I wanted to get most of it recorded before I forget. I already have a long list of questions for the holistic practitioner that I want to get out to her by tomorrow. Off to bed. Tomorrow is Saturday and we have a bunch of work to do around here.

Oops I forgot to mention that he indeed did test postitive for mercury! So his homeopathic doctor wasn't off! It may indeed be playing a role in all of this, again how so, I have no clue. Lots and lots of questions running through my head......good night all!
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