Sunday, May 10, 2015

Running errands and such

I always hate when I get behind on posting what has been happening around here!  So much can happen is such a short time.  And then there are the times when it seems that absolutely nothing happens for long stretches of time.  Sigh. So it is either too boring to post, or things are too busy to post.

I have a prom post that needs to be written.  But for now I am waiting for a certain daughter to attempt to get the pictures from her prom date's mom.  And, the pictures that I have, I need to ask the parents of the kiddos involved if they are ok with me posting them online.  Soooo, that may take some time.  Until then I shall give you this post of us running some errands.

 Obviously, this was not an errand, but it was something I did before we ran our errands.  The day before was shopping day. I decided that I needed to get serious about 'putting up' some things.  It never seems like there is enough money to do so, but I figured that I would start with something, anything, no matter how small.  So I had grabbed some extra bags of frozen veggies, and as soon as I got home from grocery shopping I cut open the bags and dumped the contents right onto the dehydrator trays.  This Saturday morning, most of the items I was dehydrating were done (the carrots and spinach were not).  I took these out to cool off and be ready to bag up when we returned from our errands.

 Our little gaggle of children, walking into the store.  I was trying to get a picture of Saorise carrying Merida.  The clothing combos and the cowgirl boots were just too awesome.  But, alas, I did not get the shot!  Bummer.

 Merida's shoe had the habit of falling off multiple times this day.  Saoirse was the lucky child who happened to be at hand when that happened.  As such, the cowgirl boot theme really came into play when she had to wrangle said shoeless child to try to put the said shoe back on.

 Success!  At least for the moment.

 Jonah watching the rodeo from the side lines.  Speaking of rodeo, my girls went to one last week.  Unfortunately they had a poor run in with the owner of the rodeo.  Isabella pulled into the staff parking because she realized that she had an item which belonged to her friend and wanted to give it back.  She got out to hand over the item, during which the owner stormed over the the truck the girls were in and started yelling at them for parking on his grass. They were perplexed as all the other cars were parked on the grass!  Oh, well.  We decided that we would be nice and send him some grass seed. We know how hard it is to grow grass.  After 8 years living here we finally have given up on trying to grow grass.  And wouldn't you know?  We have grass (hay really) growing everywhere this year!  Go figure.

 Merida enjoying a snack.  We have all been having a lot of health issues of late.  Merida herself was very, very ill last week with a bladder infection.  The poor thing was sooooo sick.  Anyways, this is our last hurrah before we go off wheat for a while to see if we can't bring our bodies back into health.

 The girls are in possession of my phone waaaaayyyy more than I am.  I use it for when I am on the road.  The girls try to take it every chance they get!  Here Flannery is using it.

 Some carnations that Walmart was handing out to mothers.  How did they know I was a mom?  Huh.  :-)

 The library was next.  I was trying to get a picture of Jonah putting the books in the book drop.  He was too fast for me!  All of the pictures of him are a blur.

 Merida had a blast with these little chairs.  Just the right size.

 More wrangling.

 She was giving Saoirse a run for her money.

 Aubrey checking out the selection of board books.

 After the library we stopped at the park.  Jedidiah is in the habit of annoying his sister.  We are working on him realizing when enough is enough.  He likes to repeat himself, with words or noises, and thinks it's really funny.  No one else does though.  Certainly not the baby.  He was not hurting her, just kept touching her head, which she did not like.

Someone was getting sleepy!

The girls met up with a couple of friends at the park.  These friends live right across the street from the park, so they ran over to see if they were home.  We had brought our hoops and the girls had a lot of fun teaching their friends some hooping tricks.  See, I didn't get permission to put their friends' pictures online so I have to put little circles over their faces.  Can you imagine me doing that with prom pictures?  No, me we wait. :-)

 Saoirse exhausted.  Probably from all that wrangling :-)

 Aubrey, up high.  I told him NOT to jump.  I took the picture, had to turn quickly around to see if Merida was still where she was supposed to be and heard that 'thud' noise of a child jumping.  Sigh.  Thankfully he did not get hurt like he did last time he jumped from a high spot.

 Merida looking cute.  There was a girl there of about 10 years old who followed Merida everywhere she went.  She took her down the slide, pushed her on the swing, carried her around the park.  Her mom came up to me and said, "She's a babysitter in training."  I told her that her daughter was going to make an awesome babysitter some day.

I did not get the bagging of the dehydrated foods done when I got back like I had wanted to, but I got them done today.  The brown in two of the bags are paper bags.  The paper bags help the carrots and corn from poking their pointy edges through the plastic bag.  It's not a whole lot (for our family size that is), but it's a start....10 pounds of veggies dried and 'put up'.

So those were our errands.  I was exhausted when we got home.  Merida slept for 10 minutes in the van, which she thought was totally sufficient for a nap. Mommy thought otherwise.  Oh, well.  Sleep can wait, right?  It's totally over rated.  At least that is what I keep telling myself.  Speaking of which I need to get some boys off to bed, and catch some zzz's of my own.  Or at least try to.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Bitterness....the solution

I have little time.  I have other posts waiting to be written (birthday, prom, etc.).  I have a ton of spring cleaning that needs doing.  But. BUT.  I happened to read someone's comment on someone else's blog.  It seemed that I should take a peek at this person's blog.  On her side bar (of her old blog I think.  I'm new to it, and there were two different looking blogs, but by the same person.) there were some links to posts she had written and other resources.  My eyes fell upon an article on bitterness.

Sigh.  I know I 'suffer' from it.  I've read and heard sermons on it before.  Each time I do not seem to get any closer to being free of it.  I know it damages my family.  I know it damages my relationship with God.  And yet, I can not seem to get rid of it.  There have definitely been times where it wasn't as pervasive.  I almost didn't click on the link.  Almost.  But, just like in my quest for health, thinking there might be that "one" thing out there that will help us, I did click.  I did.  And I am grateful that I did.

I don't think that I've heard of bitterness explained in this way before.  Though maybe I have and the truth just didn't sink in.  Either way, I finally 'see' it.  I finally see why I have times where the bitterness wasn't choking me.  I finally know what I have to do.  Don't get me wrong, I always knew I had to confess it, but this article just really, really explained it all in a way that helped me to see where I was going wrong.  I loved the idea of the cup of sweet water.  I assure you that I am NOT filled with sweet water.  Definitely, definitely not filled with sweet water.

So I want to pass this article along, hoping that it too can free someone else of their bitterness.  (To be clear, I just read the article minutes ago, so I will be working on this issue, I am not 'free' yet, but on my way!)

How to be Free of Bitterness
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