Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just busy, busy

I do wish I took the time to at least post snippets over the past couple of weeks. The past week I have been privledged to have a bit of an energy boost. Not sure why, I wish I did so that I could reproduce it when necessary. I was just talking to my sister about it yesterday. I have my house almost done (decluttering) and I have a 'fear' that sickness will soon strike. It never, NEVER fails....once I get things organized we are hit with some sickness that undoes all my hard work. I actually thought about not finishing up the work I have left to do in hopes of keeping sickness at bay.

Most days I usually look forward to the baby going to bed so I can get stuff done. However I never have any energy to do anything by the time I get him to bed. ( I just realized that the first sentence in this paragraph sounds pretty bad! I love the little guy to pieces, he just happens to be a little tornado and all my efforts -in the past- have failed to get caught up. So I would try to do damage control until he went to bed, and then hope to actually get ahead, which had not been possible till this last week.) For some reason though this week from the moment I woke up until midnight I was able to go, go, go! So a lot has gotten done around here!

But I have been making sure to get as much done as I can, not knowing how long this energy burst may last, and therefore have not been spending much time on the computer. Hopefully when I am finished I will be able to have a nice long post to catch up on everything that has been going on around here.

"see you all soon"!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

goings on

I need to get some pictures off my camera, but alas as usual, the cord is on one computer and I am on the other :-) I was able to get my hair cut and it came out really nice. I'm surprised that the ends tend to curl in the way they should without work on my part. I was on a real role decluttering. A friend of mine put together a yard sale and we took a bunch of stuff over to sell. We got rid of a lot of stuff from the house! A lot of it was from the attic though. Nonetheless I have been decluttering in an attempt to make our lives run a bit smoother. I have some before and after pictures. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to post the before pictures! Ha!

In other news I am excited about a trial we are facing. Granted it isn't much of a trial, more of an inconvenience. It's our van. The transmission is going out. One gear has already bit the dust. So we will be saving any van rides just to church or emergencies. Transmissions cost a lot. So it will really have to be a God 'thing' to pull this off. It may mean having only one vehicle for a while. But seriously I felt actually excited about this. This is so NOT like me! And that made me even more excited! When the feeling comes from the Lord, you know it will all work out. I may feel at the end of my rope, or get a bad case of cabin fever, or.....insert a million other options, but for now I want to be happy that I feel the way I do. Plus when that feeling goes away I can come back here and get my perspective straight. We had a few things planned, like a visit to friends and a camping trip that will not be. We are really bumming about that. But somehow I feel that the Lord has something else for us.

The baby caught whatever bug Moira has. We were thinking that maybe Moira had just some allergies.....nope. The baby was up throughout the night with a stuffed up nose. And being under the weather meant that he stuck to me like Velcro :-) And for the record, NO we have not started our garlic.... we just got it in, after Moira started her cold....just in case any favorite sisters were wondering :-)

In Jed news...I was able to weigh him today. Something we haven't done in over a month as I loaned out our scale. It wasn't good. I think he had just tipped the 25 pound mark and mid day, with a diaper on he was 24 lbs 14.5 oz. Ugh! Now granted he had diarrhea for a long time due to different reasons. And he has made big improvements in other areas, just not in weight. I hope to make a better effort to change that. Although there is only so much I can do. I will try to add in avocado, or something with fat. Jed's problem is that his body can't break down the fat. It is very frustrating to know what his body needs, and have the ability to get it into him, only for his body to not process it! I'm not stressed about it,for once! It's just a fact of life right now. I think I have been so pleased with his other growth that the weight issue really doesn't bother me.

We with nowhere to go this week (actually we had a busy week planned, but don't have the ability to go anywhere), I am hoping to finish up my fall cleaning/ decluttering /organization stuff.
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