Saturday, April 25, 2015

How neat!!!

Just had to share this little tid bit.  It was a wee small spark of cuteness that made me smile...which is saying something!  I will spare everyone the details, but things have been rather difficult here lately.  AND, it has nothing to do with my clean up and get back on board efforts.  Imagine that.

Anyways, Moira had mentioned a week or more ago about a movie having "a Saoirse" in it.  I vaguely remember her telling me that, so when Isabella mentioned it today (while looking for a movie to watch), I asked to see the trailer.  It is an animated movie, with the main character that has the name, Saoirse!  So, if you all want to hear how her name is said, you can watch the trailer below.  She's the 'glowing' baby :-)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth

Well, it feels like I have, but apparently I'm still here :-)  Things have been just a wee bit crazy lately.  I've been trying to get my house back in order, back to what we had right before Merida was born.  But we've had one 'wrench' or another thrown in that is making the process take way too long for my sanity's sake!

We have made progress, just not quickly enough.  We are in serious need of some order.  I have a bit of a plan in my head for how to get there, and I am hoping that in the next couple of weeks we meet our goal.  We have wiped everything off the calendar, save a couple of events that have been planned months ago (the Chivalry Ball for Flannery, a birthday party for Saoirse, and the prom for Isabella and Moira...all taking place in the next 14 days!).  My plan, of sorts, is as follows:

1. Quickly get the house 'tidy'.
2. Establish a very simple schedule of eating times and chores.
3. Work on deep cleaning/organizing.
4. Hammer out the next semester of school.  I need to sit down and figure out where everyone is in their lessons to take stock of what needs to be done next.

The above steps were what got us up and running before I had Merida.  It was a great feeling to get the important things done each day, with plenty of free time as well.  I am praying that we have no other interruptions to this process.  For example, it would be really wonderful if a late teething baby could have a much easier time of popping teeth out!  Poor thing.  She was miserable tonight. She is 15 months old and has 3 teeth.  She has a fourth tooth, that just broke through last week, and I am guessing it's neighbor wants to join the party.  This makes for a very fussy, needy baby.  A clingy baby = less work accomplished for mommy.

We've had a slew of new baby animals here.  Lots of baby bunnies!  And one of our cats had kittens yesterday!  And it appears that Moira's goat may indeed be pregnant.  Her tummy is *finally* getting suspiciously larger.  She should be due at the end of this month.  Moira is hoping she doesn't go into labor on prom night.  This will be her first kidding, and I always get nervous with a new mama.  You never know how well she will handle the experience and how good of a mother she will be.  Some mamas will shun their babies, making bottle feeding necessary. That is not fun.

Just a little catch up.  I don't have the energy to upload any pictures right now.  Not that I have a lot of them.  I haven't brought out my camera much in the past few weeks.  Hoping I can change that as well, as it is something I really enjoy doing.
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