Saturday, July 26, 2008

Finally some picture with Jedidiah in them

Here are a few new pictures. Jedidiah decided to be more himself today in front of the camera. In Jedidiah news I weighed him today. I was very happy to see that we are almost back to our highest weight. He was 20lbs 6 oz. His highest so far has been 20lbs 8 oz. So we are very close. I also have been weighing Jonah. I have been a wee bit more concerned about baby's weight this time around. I am glad to report that at one week old he has regained his birth weight plus and ounce, making him 8lbs 1oz. Yeah for growing boys!

The girls will be heading out to splash in the pool. Jeremiah was able to get it cleaned out. They have been looking forward to swimming for a while now. I am hoping they can be out for an hour or two, getting some of the pent up energy out! I have found a quiet activity for them to do here in the house when I need them to be sitting quiet. I think I linked to this site in the long past. But I will give it again. This is where I was able to print out a ton of paper doll clothing and paper dolls. I bought some poster tacky stuff at Walmart. They just need a tiny bit to put on their dolls to hold the clothing in place. It works great! Check it out. We printed a whole bunch of stuff!
At the VERY top of the page you will see a link to paper friends. Click on that to the paper dolls.

So here are the pictures:

Moira and her baby brother. Everyone trying to get a turn holding him and getting a picture with him.

Flannery and her baby brother. He was content to be in her arms for a bit, before he decided that he wanted to go to sleep. And that means he wanted to nurse. Which explains why the baby is not happy in the above photo with Moira, and why the other two girls didn't get a turn today.

Brotherly love. Here is Jedidiah finally willing to hold Jonah. He thought it was pretty neat.

This is the warm up to holding Jonah. Jedidiah thought it was a blast to try to catch Jonah's feet. The baby was kicking and Jed was trying to catch his little feet. He kept laughing about it. Too cute.


Anonymous said...

Awww...the pics are so great! keep them coming! hope you are feeling well. Also, the name you picked is great...another friend of mine had her baby 3 weeks early -- yesterday -- a baby boy named....yup, Jonah! So, Noah has a new friend with the same name!! :)

Jennifer Walden said...

I Love these pics of Jedidiah and Jonah! He seems to be taking the big brother role very seriously so far :) Can't wait to meet Jonah in person!

Kerri said...

A congrats to your friend! And see, now I will have to look into changing Jonah's name! Ha, ha. One of my biggest name requirements is that it is not popular. I feel that this is going to be like Isabella. No one (except you of course!!) shared her name, or variation of name at the time we named her. Then two years later it was all the rage! But I think I am on the bandwagon with all the other mommies out there having boys, naming them Jonah. Oh well, we'll just have to make the next baby's name really, REALLY strange :-)

It's funny that you said that Jedidiah was serious. Really he is! He may be running around, but when he gets up to Jonah, he moves slowly. He talks softly and touches the baby very gently. He's a great big brother!


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