Sunday, February 24, 2008

A post by Flannery

hi guys it's good to meet you. How are you doing? I'm sure you are having a good time. Hailey is silly. Hailey is my friend. She likes to follow me around. She likes to look at books with me. Last night Hailey and her family came over. Hailey likes to jump on my bed alot. Hailey said that she wants to live at our house. At our house when Hailey and her family was at our house she asked me to keep my flamingo.
We are going to eat the pudding now. Yum!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Arrow Story

Here is my original arrow story that was planned to go into our Christmas newsletter. I receive a wonderful magazine called "Above Rubies". They put out an email occasionally with updates. This last email had a link to someone starting a quiverfull blogroll. Although I don't write about it here, that is the lifestyle (well part of our lifestyle) that Jerry and I live. The idea is that the Lord opens and closes the womb. Period. That is the short of it. But I believe the other aspect, like the idea that children are a literal BLESSING should be evident here. Being blessings doesn't mean we don't have our trials, but that doesn't mean they are anything less than what the Lord proclaims them to be, blessings. Anyways.....I am putting up my story here now, and will hopefully be able to get the "code" for the blogroll. Hopefully I can figure out how to put it up!
The story was also a way to tell our good news of our newest blessing, I left the whole letter in tact.

Arrow Story

I would like to take the time to help explain our convictions on children. This is just to share with you why we think the way we do about children. This is not to try to get any one to believe as we do, or to judge anyone for their way of thinking. I just wanted to make that clear as I know many times a person’s intentions do not come across as clear in the written word. At least my words don’t! Everyone has a worldview. That worldview is based on many things. Jerry and I strive to take our view of the world by seeing what God has to say about each matter in the Bible. We are obviously fallen creatures and so therefore we strive, but we certainly flounder and fail much of the time. Psalm 127 likens children to arrows. It states that a man whose quiver is full of them is blessed. Now there are many Biblical scholars who can do amazing word studies on exactly how big a quiver is, and when it would be considered full. However I am a much more practical person. Ask Jerry, he can tell you: for my birthday I would take a new mixer over a gold necklace any day. So I give you this little illustration on my take of the arrow passage. It first must be noted that this life we live is more than physical, but also spiritual. And the Bible makes it clear that we are in a spiritual battle. And so with this backdrop, I find myself in front of the arrow distributor for the ‘troops’…

Arrow man (AM): Here ya go, a nice new arrow for ya.
Me: Um, aren’t I going to need more than one? We are headed into a battle are we not?
AM: Oh, yes, if you insist, here you go another arrow.
Me: Could I please have more?
AM: Ahhh, so you are in the “Three is the new two, crowd, are ya?”
Me: I’ve not heard of such a crowd, I’m in the “We are going into battle, and I plan on making it home alive crowd.”
AM: Suite yourself, here’s another one.
Me: [Just standing there looking at the Arrow man]
AM: What? You want more? You know these arrows take money. They need cleaning and fixing and other supplies to upkeep them. Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?
Me: Oh, the Commander has promised us that He will supply all of our needs, so I have no fear in how I will tend to the arrows. I just want as many as I can get.
AM: You will just be weighed down, be at the back of the pack, you won’t be able to do what all the rest of the troops are doing. You’ll be stuck carrying around all those arrows. You’ll be missing out….[He dumps a huge pile of arrows in my outstretched arms]
Me: Well you are right about that, I will be at the back of the pack. It will take time to learn the bent of each arrow. To see what each arrow’s strengths and weaknesses are. I want to make sure to send each arrow off on its flight so that it may reach its intended destination. So for a time I will remain in the back. But after a while, when the other troops’ arrows are gone, shot astray in desperation or carelessness, I will pull ahead. When the attack presses on I will be able to be out front with my well fashioned arrows. And at that given time I don’t think anyone is going to ask me why I have so many arrows. No, at that moment I do believe they will be wishing they had more of their own arrows…….

I hope you enjoyed my little story. It helps ‘explain’ why we think the way we do about children. Then of course there is always Doug Phillip’s great quote: “The Bible calls debt a curse and children a blessing; but in our culture, we apply for a curse and reject blessings. Something is wrong with this picture.”
Again these are our beliefs – it’s what makes us tick. The world around us may think we are strange, but we feel thoroughly blessed. No, that doesn’t mean that each day runs smoothly. It doesn’t mean that each arrow will be free from defects. But we have been given many promises that God will provide the means to raise each arrow for it’s future intended ‘flight path’. It is an immense responsibility, and one we do not take lightly; but it has been worth it. We eagerly anticipate the unveiling of our newest arrow, which should be sometime around June/July! We are all ecstatic. We found out the day after Thanksgiving, and thought we should have to celebrate Thanksgiving all over again. ☺ We will continue to rejoice in each arrow entrusted to us. Thanks be to our gracious God!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Take a look below

Just a quick note to say I added pictures to Flannery's b-day post below.

The Big Day


Today is the Big Day! Flannery is six! Wow, I can hardly believe it! I will have to post pictures later with her and her birthday sign. I am using our other computer as the regular one is "broken" at the moment, compliments of Jedidiah. It is supposed to be a nice day out, about 60 degrees. So I am thinking of packing a picnic lunch and heading to the park later. We'll see, as we need to get schooling done and cleaning. Then we will have a wonderful dinner planned by Flannery: sausage, french fries and cranberry sauce. Mmmmm, I know you are all jealous! When I first asked her what she wanted for her birthday dinner she immediately said she wanted the "red stuff" we had at Christmas. Took me a while to figure out what she was talking about. I told her we needed to eat more than that :-)

So a little bit about Flannery....she is our most active child. Jerry describes her as the child with no off button. And it is true, she is the energizer bunny incarnate! She will be our logical one I believe. From the earliest time she would line things up in some order, maybe by color, shape or size. She has been figuring out this reading thing almost on her own. And she somehow, I truly do NOT know how, has learned to skip count. The thing is she uses the multiplication table to do it. That wouldn't be too surprising, but she will count odd numbers up to 100 using it. I don't know what numbers she is looking at as she does this as it makes no sense to me! She is lovie, dovie! Always giving hugs and kisses.

Well we are off to start our day. Flannery enjoyed her day yesterday as I would tell her, "This is the last time you eat breakfast as a five year old....this is the last a five year old." She thought that was too funny.

Flannery's first sighting of her birthday gift. She was a little excited!

Everyone enjoying the new kitchen set. Flannery checking out the window.

The dining room set up to celebrate. We stayed up late to get it done, as we would be leaving early for church the next morning. Flannery picked out the colors.

And the six year old! Ok, actually in this picture she was still five, but hey whose counting.

This morning, Flannery and her birthday sign. She asked for a farm scene, this is what I could muster at 6 a.m. this morning. I was going to do it last night, but I was too tired. Moira helped me with the coloring.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Big Developments in Jedidiah

Well I thought I would squeeze in a post on Jedidiah. We have been amazed at his progress as of late. As a matter of fact he "graduated" from physical therapy. And by the way, if I am repeating myself about anything I am writing in this post, forgive me. I don't have time to look back and see if I have mentioned any of the things I am going to post here today.

OK, on with the show. So he is doing great physically. He is also saying words more and more. And drum roll please......he FINALLY hit the 18 pound mark!!!!! I was seriously going to have a party for when he hit 18 pounds, but it's Flannery's birthday, and this year it will be her day so we will have to celebrate some other profound milestone for Jedidiah. I will say this, no matter whose birthday it is, the day he gets his g-tube out will be party time. But we are looking at a very future date with that!

But we also had another huge development take place here yesterday. A little background first. There have been many times when Jedidiah has had to go without food. Whether it is for testing, or because he had been sick. He is actually a very good sick kid. He is quiet, and never really complains. He has NEVER shown signs of being hungry. He was very content to starve. This is no exaggeration. So Sunday night I put him to bed and a little while later I hook him up for his overnight feeding. But 10 minutes later he threw up. Ummm, that's not good. Especially seeing as how he only received ONE teaspoon of formula at that point. So an executive decision had to be made. And I decided to forgo his night time feeding. Now this is not a trivial matter as he receives half of his calories with his overnight feeding. But I knew something was up as it is not normal for him to throw up. Now two months ago that would have been normal, but for now it is not. I am glad I made that decision because it did turn out that he had the tummy bug. But now for the big shocker. He woke up feeling really yucky, he was not himself at all. I sat on the couch that has the view of our dining room. This is our normal couch to sit on in the morning, we look out the window and talk about the trees and birds. Well yesterday morning he was a basket case! He started fussing, crying, and arching his back. I tried putting him down, but he didn't want that, we tried giving him his favorite animal, book, you name it. He could not be comforted. Then after 10 minutes of this he finally wanted down. He ran over to the dining room table and started reaching up acting hysterical. And that is when I noticed that there was a jug of water on the table. That whole 10 minutes he was crying for water!!!! He never drinks more than an ounce at any given time. He drank 5 OUNCES!!!! Of course 15 minutes later he threw up, BUT he WANTED the water!! This is HUGE!!!! Later on, since I just gave him water that morning as he was throwing up he started acting up again. I gave him his water cup, nope that didn't help. Again we tried an assortment of things. I was thinking he must be in pain or something as he was MISERABLE! So I head to the medicine cabinet. He calmed down when I got there, but freaked out when I started leaving. I put him in his high chair just for a quick break for me. He kept crying. He finally used his hands to reach for the food cabinet (which is right next to the medicine cabinet). I gave him a jar of food and he scared it down! He was crying because he was HUNGRY!! This is amazing! He has never told us that he has been hungry or thirsty! It takes extreme measures for him to be hungry, like a night without food, but hey, this is monumental.

That's all the time I have for now, but had to pass this great news on.

Friday, February 15, 2008

An early birthday present

This year I am going to make a BIG, COLORFUL birthday post for Flannery. The poor kid has been giped the past two years on her birthday. Not that we could have helped that, but it still happened. We were looking back through old posts yesterday and all the kids b-days stood out because I made the post colorful, or bold. Everyones that is except Flannery's! She didn't have a post, she didn't really have much of a birthday. A year ago this week we (Jedidiah and I) were in Duke Hospital. We didn't get out until the day after her birthday, and it was a bit overwhelming with our "new" life with Jedidiah. So this year I got her streamers, a cake, let her pick out her birthday dinner. We probably won't do birthday parties this year again (with other kids that is) since come July....we'll be a bit busy and that leaves us busy into August as well. July and August will have three birthdays in there, and I figured why get started on the whole kid birthday party thing. So it will be a "just us" kind of birthday for the kids.

We gave Flannery her birthday present early. One reason is for Jerry's sanity (I joke). Tomorrow there is a sewing day at church. A few people are going to teach the rest of us to sew. Now I know how to sew (primatively at least), but they are also going to teach us pregnant folk how to make this pattern into a maternity skirt. I am sooooo excited. Trying to find decent maternity clothing is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack!!! So it starts at 9 am tomorrow and goes through to early afternoon. And all the kiddies will be here at home with Daddy. This will give them hours of entertainment so that they won't even know I am gone :-)

Here are a few pictures I took this morning. Please note the big kid in the picture. This is the same big kid who said we were getting Flannery a baby toy when we told them what we were getting her for her birthday. Hee, hee. Part of it was that she was just hoping we were going to get her sister some more Playmobil. Playmobil is a HUGE hit over here, BUT it always, always, ALWAYS leads to two things. One being they will not pick it up. And if I do get them to pick it up we have number two.....they always fight over them. Always. Drives me batty, so we stuck all the Playmobil up in the atic.....again. It really is too bad. They love to spend hours setting up little villages or scenes and act them out with their little guys. But then it all starts...."no, that's my horse, no, that's my sheep....I said you can't play with my person...." On and on it goes. So anyways I thought it funny to see the big kid playing heartily with the baby toy this morning. And so far so good, no fighting :-)

Hmmm.....I tried putting up some pictures but Blogger is not letting me! Drats. Well, I will have to add them to another post. Maybe in her big birthday post I will.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pictures of the newest pea

On Thursday I had an ultrasound. The baby looks great. Nevermind the scare tactics of advanced maternal age and low on the bed side manners. We persevered :-) Really it was a lot of fun to see our little pea. And apparently, according to the ultrasound, I am not 19 weeks, but 17 weeks. Bummer! Oh, well, that explains why the yucky feeling has stuck around a bit longer than it usually does. Isabella stayed in the whole time (well besides the times she had to take her sisters out to the waiting room). She was really enjoying watching and asking questions. Which is the bummer of the appointment as the doctor really didn't seem interested in explaining what it was we were looking at. Oh, well, I have had quite a few ultrasounds to know something about them, so I filled her in. So as far as the doctor can tell the baby is fine. He thought I should come back around 28 weeks to have a better look at the heart and bowels as there are things that they would not be able to pick up now, but can then. Again, because of my age and family history. We'll see. I really have a peace about the pregnancy and don't feel that I would need one, but we'll wait till the time comes. Isabella is absolutely convinced she saw boy parts. I saw "something" as well, BUT seeing as how they really can't pick up gender until about 15 weeks, and seeing as we are totally untrained u/s techs, I don't think we saw what we think we saw with the baby being only 17 weeks old. I truely believe it was it's umbilical cord. It was a bit too big I think to be "other" parts :-) But I am still sticking to thinking this one is a boy. Doesn't it look like a boy to you? Ha, ha. Well we got a few good pics of the u/s. I just scanned in two of them.

It is a beautiful day here, the baby is sleeping, and there are a few more things to be cleaned before we can go out and enjoy the day. So I need to get going. A time is a wasting! (Jedidiah has finally hit the "I need Mommy" stage, so when he's down for a nap it is time to power clean!)

Here's our cute little muffin. Look how sociable he is, waving to you all!

I don't know do you think he has my or Jerry's nose? Kidding. But see, it looks like a boy! Although I will have to say that the two times that we had an early u/s Jerry swore he saw boy parts! Those u/s were with Flannery and Saoirse! Sooooooooo......we'll see how it pans out when I think I see "parts". We can't wait!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Go Enter this great Contest!

I've never posted about a contest before. But I've seen a lot of neat giveaways that I have sit back and let past me. Oh, well, time to jump on the bandwagon. It seems like too many people are having a bunch of fun with these giveaways. So it's time to have some fun too. This is a very easy contest to enter. I can't wait to check out her blog as it seems very inspirational.

Go here:

Have fun, and good luck!
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