Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Money saving ideas

Now here is a change. Between all this sickness and contractions I'm making a post on money saving! BTW the contractions are still coming, but much less intense. Which is a good thing for now as 3 of the 5 kiddos are sick. I did get a good nights sleep last night and I feel like myself today! I am SSSSOOOOO thankful for that! As the girls were getting ready for bed I hoped on the computer. I came across a blog that has money saving ideas on it (specifically in the food budgeting area). You have to scroll down quite a bit to see it, but do check it out. In that post or the one before it she shares some other blogs that have more ideas as well. I was blog hopping and having a blast! Wow, some neat info. Anyways I will post the original blog and you can do your own blog hopping. I am really lazy when it comes to linking things, sorry!!!

Check her blog out, you won't be disappointed. Off to start our day. The first hour was just trying to comfort Jedidiah who was clearly, clearly feeling miserable. Poor little guy. He is feeling better now with a dose of Motrin. I then put together some homemade granola bars. So YUMMY!! I am just loving them. For whatever reason the girls don't care for them, and I say....More for me!!! I found a healthy recipe on line and add a few different goodies, and yummy, yummy. One day when I get the chance I will post the recipe. Now I am off to make some waffles I think. Waffles take much longer than pancakes to make, but the girls really love them, I think more so because we don't have them as often.

Have a great day everyone. I will make sure to post an new news of baby's coming when it comes up.


Anonymous said...

wow - I can't believe your baby count down says "1 day", that is sooo weird to me. I never even came that close! LOL.

Glad to hear that you got rest last night and that Jedidiah is feeling better...I hope everyone sick heals quickly!!

Have a great day!
p.s. definitely post the granola bar recipe when you can! :)

Tracy said...

So maybe the baby is just hanging out inside until the NEXT birthday!! That of course would be a little too late and probably a little too big! I am so thankful you are feeling better! Nothing worse than taking care of sick kids when you are sick yourself! Everyone should be all better in 3 days and then out SHE can come! :)

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