Thursday, July 10, 2008

Update on Jed's infection

So I got the call today from the nurse. His g-tube site is infected with a bacterial infection (the fungal test will take another week and a half to get back). I was first told that it is a common GI bacterial infection that is resistant to all antibiotics. She said that the two creams we had though should take care of it. I told her that it just got worse with those! I asked a few questions and she just got back to me this afternoon. Here I was trying to figure out what natural means we were going to use to eradicate this bacteria.....come to find out that the bacteria is a normal part of your GI tract. But for Jedidiah it got into his skin, I suppose it is supposed to stay put in his tummy. So we are to continue with the current treatment plan, which is the hydrogen peroxide/ water wash and the Desitin cream. So far we have had the most success with that. The one side is still a bit pink, but much better than what it had been. So that still does not answer why he has been throwing up. He threw up yesterday morning. I seemed to notice that if I put his feeding down to 250 mls he does not throw up, but if I put it up to 300 mls he does throw up. This is a real bummer as he has been at the 300 volume for a few months now. I guess we will keep him at the lower level for now over the next two weeks or so and then slowly build back up. I really am at a loss as to why he would be throwing up now. He's been off the antibiotic for a week now, so that can't be it. And he's been off the Nystatin for the last three days. Sooooooo, it's more of the waiting game, and trying this, and trying that to see if we can't get back to where we were which was gaining some really great weight. I think I will weigh him again in a day or two and see if he is back at making progress. OK, enough rambling about Jed's health issues. This does help me to record these things though because then I have dates, weights, and things that we are trying (what is or is not working).

On other fronts, poor Jeremiah is sick with some throat thing. He's feeling really bad. I'm thinking of putting everyone in a bubble so no one else gets sick :-) I really, really do not want to be sick myself while in labor. And you know only a mommy can do in a time of sickness and if we have a house full of sick kiddos, and a one or two day old baby.....well.....all I can say is I did NOT sign up for that :-)

I have everything ready here at home. All the meals are done. The cleaning is done. Not all the spring cleaning necessarily, but the general cleaning. I do not want to tackle anything heavy knowing that this baby is coming any day. I am doing a couple of little things on the spring cleaning list here and there, but I am definitely not in full all out cleaning mode. Speaking of baby, today was the day I picked for this baby to be born. And well, we do have quite a few hours left in the day....but there seems to be no sign of a baby coming. Don't ANY of my children listen to me? LOL They start off disobedient right in the womb! I tell ya! Well the next date picked was Moira's birthday which is this Saturday the 12th. We shall see what happens. I really, really (did I say really?) don't want to go late. That would be torture for sure. So this baby has been served it's eviction notice, let's hope that it complies :-)

I hope to put up some pictures tonight. I have an appointment with my midwife tonight, so I'll see how awake I am to do so. I really wanted to make a quick apron for this Saturdays trade day. Someone from church is setting up one day a month that we can all make something to trade. We will get so many tickets based on the value of the item/s we come with. Then we use those tickets to "buy" other peoples goods. It sounds like a lot of fun. We may have to wait till next months trade day.


Anonymous said...

Come on baby -- cooperate with your mommy already!! :) I sorta hoped you'd have "him" :) today too (it's my friend Simone's birthday and she is great!) but I guess the little one will come when he/she is ready!! I'll keep checking for an update!

Katie said...

I do not know much of anything about G-tubes.. so please forgive me if this sounds ridiculously ignorant,

Would it help if you were to treat the area by opening up a probiotic pill and applying it to the area? So the bad bacteria comes in contact with the good bacteria?

Kerri said...

I thought the 10th was a perfectly good day to have a baby, and having it be Simone's b-day as well just confirms my good choice :-) Ahh, but this wee babe has other plans.

You know that does sound like a good idea. I am not sure how it would work though. This is a case of normal bacteria that should be in your gut creeping into his skin, where it shouldn't be. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try it. I have a bottle of good bacteria that I am giving him internally. It is so amazing to me how God made everything for a particular purpose. The bacteria is a good thing when it stays in your tummy, but move it out of its natural home and it becomes a bad thing. I will see how I can implement putting the good bacteria on him. It will be a balance to get it all right. Thank you for the suggestion!

The Redeemer Liveth! said...

I am really interested in hearing more about your 'trade' did it go for you?


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