Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Rest of the Birthday day

It was too late to post the rest of the Birthday pictures. It was shopping day all around (for Jeremiah and I), so we had a late dinner. I was thinking we might have wanted to go with the cake first, then dinner, just because once Jedidiah's tummy is full....well it's full! And I was right. We ate dinner first, and he ended up taking a few licks of icing off the cake and that was it. The girls planned, cut and decorated the cake, which was a tractor. They did an awesome job. Jedidiah loved, LOVED his birthday gifts. He got a few books, a hat, some toy trucks and balls. ALL his favorite things. He is just beside himself with glee. When we wake up each morning we usually just hang out on the couch for a bit, or he may get down and just kind of find this or that to busy himself with quietly. Not this morning!!! As soon as he laid eyes on his birthday toys he pushed himself away from me to get down, then ran over and has not stopped going, going, going since :-) Here are the pictures:

The birthday tractor. The smiley face cup cake is the farmer. That's the piece that Jedidiah got.

Here's Jedidiah waving at the candle. I'm not sure what he was doing, but he was having a lot of fun doing it!

This is how Jedidiah was looking at us while we were singing "Happy Birthday" to him. I wonder what that says about our singing?

Here's Jedidiah's lick of the cake! He was pretty happy to have his own piece of cake. He just didn't actually eat it. Oh well, maybe next year. He didn't eat his birthday cake last year either. I will be so happy when he eats like a normal child!

Jedidiah's new hat. He loves it! He fell in love with another boy's hat from church, and he had cried and cried when we had to leave and he had to leave the hat behind. So now he has his own.

And this is what he did whenever he wore the hat. He kept running around in circles, we think he was pretending to ride a pony.

I wish I could have gotten a better angle so you could see his face. He was sooooo excited when he opened this gift.

Here's an action shot. I think he got a kick of the football as it's not shaped like a normal ball. He tried them all out. Thankfully we don't have any breakable things hanging out around the house!

Reading time with Daddy. He got some new books about vehicles, and one about eating.

One of his new trucks. He sat there forever just pushing it back and forth. He just sat in that one spot, moving the truck back and forth. Too funny. You can see he had one truck for each hand. He was generous enough to let the other truck be played with by someone else :-)

We also got him some stacking cups, as he loves to stack and knock things down. I was able to get him in the middle of knocking down this tower. He had a great evening. I let him stay up a bit late so that he could have some time to play with his new toys. But by bed time he was tired. When I told him it was time to stop playing and go to bed he let out a disappointed whine, but stood up and climbed on the couch to get a diaper change, and the rest of his bedtime routine. He was one sleepy boy.

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