Wednesday, July 23, 2008


These are in no particular order as I as I really do not have the patience since I spent a lot of time waiting for these pictures to be uploaded. I am not sure what is going on at Blogger but the last few posts I've made with pictures have not gone smoothly. Oh well, on to better things.

Here is the new love of our lives. He is just a cutie! We did find out that he indeed looks like one of us. We found some old fashioned paper pictures (all baby pictures of Saoirse and before are on paper, how ever did we manage before digital :-) ) and low and behold he looks JUST like Saoirse as a baby! Go figure! In this particular picture he looks like a cross between Saoirse and Isabella as babies.

The proud parents. This was taken about two days later at like 7 in the morning. The girls wanted to start taking pictures right away.

The oldest three girls and I. This is still the 7 o'clock hour and Saoirse does not wake up that early. Jedidiah is not in any of the pictures as he wouldn't sit still. He did not want to be a camera ham these past few days. I really want to get Jedidiah holding Jonah. He really loves his baby brother. He will blow him kisses, rub his head and be very gentle around him. Very sweet indeed.

Two proud sissies. No shortage of hands around here to hold the baby! Now they have a new thing to fight over....who will be the first to hold the baby for the day.

This seems like an odd picture, but it really expresses how I was feeling. This is just about 10 or so minutes after the birth. And this says: I am SSSSOOOOOOO relieved to be done, I am SSSSSOOOOO happy to be holding my baby, I am in bliss, I am thankful, I am so happy that I can now just relax, I am.....well you get the idea. Total mommy bliss!

And just another cutie pie picture. This is our nursing champ. He actually latched on to Jeremiah's neck!!! And I mean LATCHED on! Way too funny. Do not get anything near this child's mouth when he is rooting, or it will be sucked in!!
I have a few tid bits to share about the birth, but it is getting late and I need to see Jedidiah off to bed. But I am feeling rather bad that I didn't mention one of the most important things I was doing during labor. And that was prayer! I did a LOT of praying while I was in labor. I was praising the Lord for the opportunity to have this child, for His peace, for His strength, etc. It was a special time. I love how I could labor as I wanted. Jeremiah and the midwives sat in darkness and in silence as I walked, prayed out loud, stood still, cried out (they were silent, but I wasn't!) and did what I felt my body needed to do at that moment. They were there for me the moment I needed anything. It was an amazing experience.
Ok, off to get some kids to bed, so we can have a little quiet around here. I sent the kids out to play, but they had to come in within minutes due to a really bad storm that came through. These guys need to get OUT to run off some major stored up energy! I'll be checking the weather channel!


Pam's Pride said...

OMG!! Lovin' those baby pictures!! What a cutie patootie!!

Tracy said...

Way too precious for words! All of you look great! Jonah is absolutely unbelievably handsome! Thanks be to God for your healthy baby and uncomplicated birth and labor! Love to all!

Bethany W. said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you all! You have a beautiful family!

Kara said...

Kerri, we are so happy for your family. Congratulations!!! What a cutie pie! :)

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