Sunday, July 06, 2008

Our 4th of July weekend

We had a wonderful weekend. Jeremiah had Friday off. It started off kind of blah actually, but the day turned around and we all had a wonderful rest of the day. We got some things done here, then went to Walmart to get the kids another kiddie pool. The adopted cat popped the last one. Silly kitty. We also got some sparklers for later that night. It was really muggy out and I was wilting. This is pretty big as I don't tend to wilt :-) But after 15 minutes outside I had to go in. We were on the porch for those 15 minutes with a new bubble blower for Jedidiah. He LOVES bubbles. He was having a blast. Then Jeremiah took the girls in the pool. We had some hamburgers, potatoe salad and a lovely decorated pound cake. I have pictures to hopefully share. Our computer has been having problems with our USB port. We were kind of hemming and hawing about going to fire works as it had been sooooo muggy out. But a storm was coming and it was actually windy outside and it was a wonderful night for bug free, cool, fireworks. Yeah! Jedidiah loved them! I am sure our girls made the most noise there! We came home and everyone crashed into bed.

Saturday I got my bathroom cleaned, FINALLY. I really wanted that done before the baby came. Jeremiah and I were looking online for a gift for Moira. We couldn't find one that we liked, and the ones we did like were too expensive. So I went off to Joanne fabrics, all by myself I might add, to buy a pattern and material to make a gift myself. You will all have to wait till her birthday this weekend before I can share what it was I made her, along with pictures. The girls read my blog, so I can't share any secrets :-) It was a quick and easy project. I worked on it last night and this afternoon. With the exception of a very small finishing touch, I am done with it.

Today, Sunday, was church. It was a small crowd with lots of people on vacation, or in one case one woman was in labor. The funny thing was there was a mix up about a supposed order we made for this chair/step stool/ironing board combo. Jeremiah had wanted one, but he didn't actually order one. Well we got one today! A young man (14 maybe) makes them. He and his family are from Virginia. They were a wonderful family to talk to. I have to take a picture of it soon. It is getting too late to do so right now. I am really excited about having an ironing board. And the step stool is higher than what we have here, which can really come in handy. PLUS we now have an extra seat to pull up to the table when company comes! Can't beat the combination!

Tomorrow I will be making an appointment for Jedidiah with our family doctor. I am hoping to get a culture done on his g-tube site due to what has been going on with him. Too long to go into at the moment. The poor kiddo threw up this evening. At least is wasn't every feeding all day, but still! I did notice that he has outgrown his sandals! So he is growing. I have to weigh him tomorrow and I am dreading that. I am afraid to look to see what the numbers will say. Hopefully we can get this sorted out very soon, as in before the baby comes!! As it is Jedidiah has an appointment with Neurology the day after my due date. I really want to get as much under control before the baby comes. I would really like to see this get sorted out and get him back on track to gaining weight. Clearly the Nystatin did something wonderful as he gained such great weight. But now the Nystatin or a bacterial infection is causing problems, which I believe is why he is throwing up. I was thinking it was due to the antibiotic, and it very may well be, but in a different way than I first thought. But hopefully a culture will give us the information we will need to go forward.

Ok, it's late. Later than I had expected to stay up. Even though I am not really tired, I do have to be careful as I won't know when I will go into labor and being as well rested as possible is the wisest thing to do at this point.

The girls and their decorated pound cake. That cake was demolished soon after!

This is the reason we do NOT leave our porch light on at night. Because if you do (which one of the girls must not have read that memo) and you open the door, well things like this come in!! Monster fly! We had five of them in here. Not all that big, but still, YUCK!!

Jedidiah has really taken to doing somersaults, and jumping and climbing, and.....Here he is having some fun.

All fall down! Look at that precious laugh! Excuse his unbuttoned bottoms. It is sometimes easier to just leave them undone. Between his feedings, diaper changes, extra g-tube cleanings, AND baths (due to throwing up) it seems pretty pointless to button them only to turn around 10 minutes later to undue them again.

Have a wonderful day!

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Yay for all the pictures!

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