Tuesday, July 15, 2008

prayers appeciated

Hi everyone. A second post for today, but a much needed one. Here is the run down. I have been having strong braxton hicks contractions all day. The intensity this evening has gone down, but their frequency hasn't. Now most of you are saying, well thank goodness you can have that baby now! However all day today, with the exception of a couple of hours I have been totally worn out due to this illness. Not a wonderful way to enter into labor. BUT that is not all! This afternoon Isabella came down with a very sore throat. And then I had a yucky feeling in my stomach (aside from the tummy thing I have been dealing with--roll eyes) when I had to wake up Jedidiah from his nap a whole half an hour later than usual. My fears were founded when an hour later he started a fever. He is asleep in our bed, a whole hour earlier than normal. Not to mention he lost his dinner a half an hour into it. SSSsoooooo we need some prayer. At this point the baby may be safe from this cold since I already have it and have antibodies to pass on to the baby. However as mommies we all know that sick kids need their mommies! Obviously I will have nothing to do but sit with children if the baby comes, but you can imagine the stress this puts on the having a newborn situation. I am not really holding out hope that everyone else will escape this, and we are looking at a week long illness. I just wrote an email to our church loop to see if any of the older girls would be willing to come here to watch the kids while I'm in labor. Our first plan was to send them to someone elses house. But then you are exposing a whole household to this bug. Hopefully I will hear back very soon, as it may be very soon that I go into full blown labor. It is possible that the contractions are from the herbs I have been taking. In which case I am making sure not to take any tonight. I am hoping that will give me a good nights rest. All in all we need prayer. I am not sure how this will all work out, but I do know that God is still in control, and I would do well to lean on that!

Thank you all!


Pam's Pride said...

I am praying for you and your family! I hope Jedidiah's fever goes away and that he starts to gain some weight soon! I pray that you start to feel better and that you have a healthy baby! I also hope everything works out with the baby sitter! Prayers going out for you!!

Katie said...

Hi Kerri, I'm hoping everyone is getting a good night of sleep! You know with my last three babies I got sick right before having them, too. I will be praying for your whole family!

Kerri said...

Thank you for your prayers! I got a good nights sleep and feel myself today!@!!!Yeah!! Although we now have 3 of the 5 children sick, with one sneezing this morning, so I am assuming she is next in line. The heavier contratctions I think were due to the herbs. I am still getting many lighter ones now, and I am fine with that. I suppose I can hold out for a day or two waiting for the worst of the illness to be over. And Katie, that is just soooooo not right to be sick like that! :-) Maybe because we are getting ready to go into labor our bodies defenses are down, and we are more likely to get sick? Sounds like a possibility, but a stinky one at that.

have a great day!


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