Thursday, July 17, 2008

this baby is doing something

So we decided to run a few errand tonight. Everyone was feeling up to it, including me. I think with being house bound for so long even my hormones that usually tell me not to leave the house were not complaining! Jeremiah had me pick a couple of things for my birthday. Speaking of which I do believe the person who suggested that the baby should come on my birthday be banned from my blog :-) Hee, hee. Ok, so I chose two T-Tapp exercise DVD's, the Hit the Floor/Hit the Floor softer combo and the Step Away the Inches 50 minute version. I do believe I will be needing them after this baby comes! And the other thing I really wanted were some Bible marking pens. The Bible highlighters that are out there are the florescent kind, and I'm just not digging those colors. So we ran to Michael's Art store and I found a small pack of nice colored pencils. Crayola wasn't going to work as the leads are too hard and in order for them to make a dark of enough line you would damage the pages. So I got a set of 12 soft leaded colored pencils. I'm really excited about them and digging in once again to mark things in my Bible. I've just been using a pencil for now. Then after that we got some dinner. And after that we ran to Walmart. There are 70 page notebooks on sale for only 5 cents each!!! Run to your nearest Walmart to snatch these up. At the end of this year we ran out of notebooks and I had to go buy 3 or 4 of them. The normal price is 97 cents. Well we just bought almost 50 (yes, I did say 50) for $2.50!!! I'll be looking at those 97 cent ones in a different way now!

Ok, so what happened to the baby news that the title reads.....As we were driving around this baby was doing *something*!!!!! I know that tells you a lot. The only way to describe it was he was trying to wriggle on down or something. He (HE I said, my darling sister ;-)) is really low right now. I mean, low. What does this mean. Well for one, it could mean NOTHING. How encouraging that would be. OR it could mean that he is engaging and getting ready to come out. In which case I really should be in bed by now because it is late. I'm off to take my herbs and go catch some ZZZZZ's. Night all!


QF said...

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know I am praying for you and your little one tonight, I hope he comes soon :)
I am due in 9 days and feeling like this little one is doing "something" too, lol. When was your due date? I saw that 0 days left and I got curious lol.
Do you mind me asking what kind of herbs you are using? My doctors are concerned about letting me go overdue and I am praying for an all natural VBAC this time around. I would love to hear what you are trying. You can email me if you would like :) qfinky at gmail.
I pray you have a safe delivery and a healthy little baby, I am also praying for Jedidiah. I hope he is feeling well. Have a blessed weekend!
TF @ Made From Scratch

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you too...and doing a baby dance!! :)

That's really good news that he is dropping!! I hope he comes VERY soon!


The Redeemer Liveth! said...

August 19th! We will be praying with you and yours.

Regarding the T-Tapp, just thought you might be interested in knowing that we use one of her programs for our exercise, strength and health, too. It has been a wonderful tool for all of us.

Love you,
Julia for the Stone Family

Anonymous said...

ok, you haven't posted in a day....or my earlier comment, so I am praying that that means you have gone into labor!! :)

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