Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Pictures I Promised

I know you were all holding your breath! Ha, ha. By the way, no baby yet. I do have a picture we took today of me very pregnant. I don't think the picture shows just how big I *feel*. My midwife's guess is that the baby is only about six and a half pounds right now. I'm thinking more like seven and a half. We'll see who is right soon. We have been very blessed to have my aunt send us her camera to use. We couldn't get one right away, and would have missed Jedidiah's birthday, and the possibility of this baby's birthday as well. But we did get another one in. I used it today for the first time. I got a really great shot of Jedidiah. Totally cute! And don't worry Aunt Annette, your camera will still be in very active duty :-) I won't ramble on too much more :-)

Here is Isabella modeling the new chair/ironing board/step stool combo thingie I talked about earlier. This is in it's chair mode. I have a better picture of the chair, but was getting really impatient for Blogger to upload my pictures and this will just have to do for now.

Here is our lovely model again being silly. This is the ironing board mode. If you continue to flip the back of the chair downwards you will then have the step stool. It is a nice high step stool. Good for me, bad for children if they fall off.

And here is little miss peach, Saoirse. She is a ham in front of a camera. This came out really cute. I love the look of her eyes. So full of life, and joy. She is one happy kiddo. As long as none of her sisters cross her path that is!

Here is the really great picture of Jedidiah. Oh, he is just too cute for words here.

A boy and his car....and blocks. He loves blocks. And he loves anything with wheels on it. So here he is with both! Just a cute picture.

And here is the resident pregnant lady. Most of the time people will say that a picture didn't do someone justice, well I think I was given a lot of grace with this one. I was surprised to see that I don't look as big as I feel. At least from the camera's angle. Not too much longer. My midwife asked if I wanted to make another appointment for next week. I really hesitated. I mean if I make one then that might mean I'll *have* to keep it, meaning the baby won't be here. But if I don't make one then the baby can come before that appointment time (that I didn't make). Please note we were totally joking about this. I did make an appointment, which happens to be two days after the baby is due. There will be issues if this baby decides to hold out till then :-) Well there you have it. I can't wait to share Moira's birthday sign and gift with you all. That is if we don't have a baby tomorrow or on her birthday. I'll be too busy if that is the case. Moira thinks it would be the neatest thing to share a birthday. I'm thinking that she may think that now, but give her a few years, and we'll see how she feels then! Ha, ha. Night all!


Katie said...

You look great! Hope the baby comes soon! :-)

Angie said...

Hi Kerri,
You look great!! I was a beached whale! I miss you! We have been busy. Maybe we'll slow down and talk one day. Baby will be here when he is ready.
Love and Blessings,

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