Sunday, July 13, 2008

Garlic Lemonade

This in particular is for my friend Isabelle. But I thought I would just put it up here as I had a feeling I was going to get more requests for it :-)

Garlic Lemonade:
4 cups of water
4 bulbs of garlic
1-2 lemons
4-8 tbs honey

Bring the water to a boil. While waiting for water to boil, peel and coarsely chop the garlic. Once boiling, take the water off heat source, add the garlic and cover the pot. Let steep at least 30 minutes (I let it steep longer). Add lemon juice from lemons, and add honey to taste. I personally use only 4 tbs and find it sweet enough. Sip throughout the day while sick. I have really found it helpful!

Another thing I have been doing is a "breathing treatment". I bring a pot of water to boil, then add 1 tsp of ground goldenseal. I then use a towel to put over my head to create a tent and breath in the steam. I can not take goldenseal internally as it could start labor (I'm thinking that wouldn't be such a bad thing!). And I had heard you could do this instead. I had burning in my sinuses and this took it away. I have been doing it three times a day. The deal with natural remedies is that they work the best if started at the first sign of illness. Waiting till you are totally miserable won't get as great of results. Not that there won't be any results, but not as pronounced. Jeremiah, who is much sicker than I and had been sick for a few days (he went on antibiotics, but they are not working) has been doing the garlic and it has helped him.

In other news I have been spending a lot of time to get my half way posterior baby to turn its back to my front. It was discouraging to read that most baby's placentas attach to the back of your uterus and that babies favor facing their placentas. My placenta is attached to the front of my uterus. And so the baby has spent the past four months off the my left side, not fully posterior, but not in the optimal anterior position for labor and delivery. I'm thinking I didn't need to have read that information! Oh well, I am still doing all I can to get this baby to turn. It is not the most comfortable to be head down when you have a cold! Off to do more hands and knees!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe, Kerri!

Also, was very interested in your comments about the baby. As you already know, Noah turned 2 days before my water started leaking (37 weeks) and was in the posterior position when I was admitted to the hospital. I found what you said really interesting about the placenta -- which WAS attached to the front of my uterus!! The dr's when they told me earlier in my pregnancy that this was much less common placement for the placenta and that's also why I wouldn't feel as much movement (even though I did since Noah was a major boxer in the womb - LOL)

Kerri said...

I just made up a new brew this morning as this cold is still with me. Ugh! Hey, do you have any other family birthdays coming up? Apparently this baby isn't coming today either!!!

The placenta thing is very interesting. The doctor who did the ultra sound wasn't very talkative, so he only told me where it was after I asked him. He never told me that it was rear, OR that it gives the baby a greater likely hood of being posterior. But the good news is that after ALL day of doing turning exercises the baby did turn. A very weird sensation. I am praying it stays turned! Another reason I need to have this baby soon!! I don't want this baby flipping around! We need to do a baby dance (something like a rain dance :-)).


Anonymous said...

Oh, congrats -- I am SO happy for you that the baby turned!! I wish the hospital had told me about the turning exercises and allowed me to labor in a different position than forcing me to stay on my back (it disgusts me to think about it again)...

Hmmm...the next family birthday is a nephew on the 21st, then a niece on your birthday....but that's far away so I hope the baby comes sooner!! Oh, well today is Bastille Day which we do celebrate (at my mom's later) so you could have the baby today and celebrate the France's Independence Day! LOL.


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