Friday, August 01, 2008

Made for Trade

I just thought I would stop in and post about the Made For Trade that someone from our church started. They had their first one this month, which we missed due to illness. The next one is coming up quick, on Aug. 9th. I am hoping to make an apron to bring. I have a really easy pattern. Today we have to go and get Jonah's birth certificate processed. On the way back I will make a run into Walmart to get some fabric. It will be nice to work on something, have some sort of project to look forward to. I already have my next project in mind for September's Made For Trade, a crocheted shawl. I really want to start on these things much sooner than the week before! Anyways, go to the following link to check out how the first Trade went:

Not much else is going on. I would love to take some more pictures soon. The girls have been busy with their paper dolls. I made up a whole menu for the MONTH. Since Jeremiah now gets paid just once a month I figured we better hit Walmart with the whole months list (except for fresh veggies). Nothing like getting to the end of the month and having had things come up and nothing left in the pantry. Been there done that, years ago. We also will be ordering most of their homeschooling books today. Only 4 more weeks till we start the new school year.

Off to eat some lunch and hopefully have a little rest. Mr. Jonah has been pretty regular as to when he has his night and early morning feedings. However every other day he decides to stay awake after his 5 AM feeding. I assure you I am thinking he needs more shut eye! I am not ready to wake at that hour. Here's hoping he will still be napping after I eat my lunch!


Pam's Pride said...

Can you explain the Made for Trade day? I followed the link to the blog and that looks so neat!! I see somethings have point is that determined and how do you earn points? I would totally love to participate in something like this!!

Kerri said...

Hi there! I can't wait to participate too! Ha, ha! The only info I have is what was sent out in our email. Everyone who participates is to make something homemade (as you may have seen in the photos, there was lip balm, flavored butters, etc.) or homegrown. We have families that have their own chickens for eggs and goats for milk. One woman said she wasn't handy, but had been a vet years ago and knew how to make cat and dog treats. How neat! So she will be making those for the next Trade. Anyways someone or someone"s" put a value on your item/s, which is given in points. So say my aprons which I plan on making get me 10 points (just throwing a number out here) then I have 10 points to "shop" with. so there is no money exchanged. Some people make lots of things, others may just make one thing. It's just some good 'ole fashion fun! I bought my material today at Walmart and I can't wait to show everyone what I make with it!


Pam's Pride said...

Thank you for answering! I wish we lived closer to each other because I would love to participate in something like this!!

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