Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jedidiah's doctors appointment

So the appointment went as expected. Our family doctor took two cultures, one for bacteria the other for fungal. Jed only has one day left of the Nystatin and so the plan is to finish it off. His g-tube site is looking better, so we are to continue with the peroxide/water cleaning and then put on Desitin. Yes, Desitin, the diaper cream. The cream has zinc in it which can fight off bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Our doctor has recommended this cream for a number of ailments. The funny thing is I never really found it to work really great. Then yesterday he said to make sure we got the *original* Desitin, not the creamy one as that one doesn't work. Ahhhhh, we've been buying the creamy one, so that explains it! The grand plan is to wait till the cultures come back to see what the next step will be. There are a couple of possibilities as to why Jedidiah was throwing up. And until we get the cultures back we would just be making stabs. And those stabs could cause more problems. So we wait. While we were there I wanted to ask a quick question about Flannery. Her lymph nodes were swollen under her ears, and the left side was painful. I thought maybe it could have been from getting her ears pierced. And just wanted to know if that was the problem. My goodness I think that took up most of the appointment! Her ears were completely blocked by wax. The doctor wanted them to be cleaned out so he could get a look in there as he was very surprised at how big one of her lymph nodes was. Well we couldn't get that wax to come out. Not to mention Flannery kept crying that it hurt. And getting your ears cleaned should not hurt. So going on those things it is highly probable that she has an outer ear infection that is residing behind the wax. This explains why only recently she has been freaking out about getting a bath. She's been afraid of getting water in her ear. So we are doing some things here at home to try to break up the wax, and then have to put some antibiotic drops in her ears as well. Goodness, what a day it was. To top it all off I got sick that morning with some tummy thing, and was couch ridden for a while. Then I was feeling better, but the afternoon of the doctors and heading to the store totally wore me out, putting me on the couch all evening. Jeremiah cooked dinner for me, so I just had to get up and eat. I hit the hay very early and I feel like myself again. Phew!

This morning I was up early and getting some small things done. We have a messy house to clean today. Before I began I figured I would cut out an apron pattern for Saoirse. When I had made the girls their aprons she was only a baby, so she is the only one who doesn't have one. I got some cute material to make one for her while I was out at Joanne's the other day. Well wouldn't you know that the makers of the apron pattern messed up. The pattern pieces do NOT fit the material at all!!!! I don't know what these people were thinking. I will have to wait till I can make another trip to buy some more of the material that I have so I can make it. I may just have Jeremiah take the piece I have and get it after work soon. As I don't have much time left before I will be VERY busy and not able to make anything. All my day will be consumed with is feeding, diapers, dressing, washing.... :-) It is amazing how much work one little bitty person makes :-)

Ok, off I go to tackle my work. I started taking pictures of the new ironing board combo thingie, but the camera batteries died. The other ones we had charged do not work anymore, so I charged some more last night. They do work, but I don't have time to take pictures, download them etc. Maybe later tonight.

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