Monday, July 14, 2008

Some of this, some of that

Apparently there is still no baby....I can only hope soon as I was an emotional wreck earlier today. It seems that congrats on the baby turning may have been premature. The good news is that the baby DID indeed turn, but I do believe he is back off to my side once again. So I am at least hopeful that it is possible to get this baby in position when labor starts. But I wasn't feeling that way earlier, hence the emotional breakdown. I have to say of all my pregnancies, this is the only one that I am DONE with. No more, I quit. And not because of any discomforts or anything like that. Just this baby position stuff is wearing me out. I need to get some knee pads if this baby doesn't come out soon.

An interesting side about the garlic lemonade. I am making the assumption that it was the lemonade that had this effect on me, but now actual evidence. Over the past few weeks I have not had ankles. Ok, I have them, ,you just couldn't see them. Now I am only comparing this to what is normal for me. I have pretty bony wrists and ankles and it was odd not to see those bones poking out. Not to mention my feet were puffy. So after the first day of all that lemonade I started throwing off water. And I now I ankles again! I have to look up and see if lemons are natural diuretics. Either way, I have my ankles back. I wasn't expecting them back until about three days post partum.

In Jedidiah news, it just gets worse. I didn't write that I weighed him the other day and we are back to square ONE, where we started before he started on the Nystatin. His is still throwing up once a day or every other day. Either way it's too much. I decided to try a more natural remedy on his g-tube as the Desitin seemed to only do so much. Well not half a day goes by and it looks worse!! Shall I scream now.....or how To top it off it seems that when his weight gets too low compared to his height, he is once again top heavy. He took two falls today. One he actually tripped on something, landing face first on the floor, producing a fat, bloody lip. The other he was running outside and his head got ahead of him and he took a dive. Thankfully he just got dirty and wasn't hurt. All of this has been getting the best of me today and it was just extremely upsetting watching him get hurt. All kids trip and fall, but his head is too heavy for him to catch before it hits the ground. Ok, enough of my having a pity party.

Ok, I lied, I have one more pity party tid-bit. I finally made Saoirse an apron. All I had left to do was sew on two buttons and cut the button hole. I tried cutting the first button hole and it proved difficult since there was multiple layers to cut through. So I try, and try and then decided I needed to obviously put a little more oomph into it. And I put too much oomph into it and cut about three inches of the top of the apron strap. I repaired it by zig zag stitching it, with the consolation that nobody will see it since it's in the back. But I just about cried. The apron did come out cute. I can't say that I care a lot for the pattern. I am not sure if it's because the pattern didn't fit the material I had bought for it, or that I don't care for how the waist band attaches to the apron. It's just not a favorite. I would make it again if another child wanted one, but I'm not too keen on it. I made a couple of adjustments. The pattern calls for lace edging and I decided to put a bias tape edging on the bottom and a rick rack edging on the top, plus I added rick rack to the pockets. I had this pink fabric with some whimsical flowers on it, but Saoirse ran into the back room and pulled out the below fabric instead. For some reason when I see this apron I first think of my great grandmother on my father's side. I'm not sure why, and it's not a bad thing as it brings back many good memories and smells. But it's kind of weird!

So here are some pics from tonight.

Here is Saoirse with her new apron on. I made it in the size 5-6. With patterns you never know what fit you will get. That is why it is essential to measure before hand. I did not do that and am happy that the size is pretty true to what we would consider 5-6.

The apron on its own. Thankfully you can't see the mess up I had with it. It's a cute apron.

Flannery wanted in on the picture taking. Not sure why she is standing like she is. She's one silly cookie sometimes. She is a camera ham! She loves getting her picture taken!

Here are the oldest two with dad, ready to dive into their history lesson. Isabella has been growing out her bangs and all of them, except that tuft, can now be pulled behind her ears.

This is a picture of Moira's apron I made for her. The long thin straps criss cross in the back, and go through the dark blue ribbon loops and then tie behind the back. The ribbons are a cute idea, but not practical. I will already have to replace them as one has ripped out. I think I will just make a loop from some of the extra left over material. Overall I like how it came out. I do think the pockets could be larger. This pattern said it came in multiple sizes. I was expecting to be like Saoirse's with *many* different sizes. But it came in two, one for a child up to size 8 and then misses. I made the misses for Moira.

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The Redeemer Liveth! said...

Hey Kerri:

The aprons are very cute...I'm inspired. I have two apron patterns and material that have been waiting for me since last summer!!
We got our mending caught up yesterday and recovered our 5-gallon kitty-food bucket....what I mean is, we have a skirted, pillow top that covers our cat food bucket and also doubles as a sweet little stool out in the family room. It's convenient for storage and as extra seating when needed.

Our next project will be recovering the piano bench and four more matching skirted bucket toppers which will cover grain buckets sitting out in our little office/kitchen-pantry room.
Love to ya', dearie!

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