Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ballet and foundations

How's that for a title! Ha, ha. Well things have been very busy around here. I was sick for two weeks, the kiddos started getting sick, Saoirse inhaled a small plastic bead up her nose (which neccesitated a trip to an ENT) and a whole bunch of other smaller things have occured.

As for the Ballet....Jerry and I take each girl on what we call "special time". It usually is just to get some ice cream or to the store or something small. But last month Jerry took Isabella to see the US Mens Soccer team play here in NC. A couple of weeks ago was Moira's turn. The funny thing was that we kept it a secret and while eating dinner (at the Macaroni Grill) and on the way to the auditorium he convinced her she was going to a football game. Too funny! She really believed him. They got inside and she saw all these posters of ballet and asked Jerry about them. He said, "Oh, they must do football and ballet here." It wasn't until they walked into the auditorium that she realised he was joking about the football. She got to see Cinderella. She LOVED it. They got home late, but she stayed up telling me all about it. Here is a picture of them right before they left.

They got our foundation put in! Yeah! Now of all the foundations I have seen being put in, this is by far the biggest looking! Yikes! We have a bit of slop that runs from the back down to the front. So the front of our foundation is anywhere between four and six feet. the bak though is only about two and a half to three feet high. They will be delivering the house on May 30th. We can't wait to see it! We are hoping to be able to watch them put it on the foundation. But with the amount of space and the amount of equipment they will have we may not be able to. We'll see. Here are the pictures: The one of me holding Saoirse is in the back of the house. The other two ar the front of the house. We will have lots of yard work to do as there are a ton of roots that were left behind from the lot clearing. We won't have a very big back yard at first as we will need to cut down some more trees at a future date. Although it still won't be that big. Our front yard is much bigger and our side yards are huge!

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