Sunday, July 27, 2008

Last July Birthday

Mine! It was a good day. We Skyped into church. Then it was a pretty lazy day afterwards. I took Jedidiah out on the porch for a while to play in a tub of water. Jeremiah went out to pick up a few things. We ate lunch, cleaned up a bit, went back outside for an hour, put Jed down for his nap, then the girls went in the pool. Phew, breathe....ok, then we had a wonderful family come and bring us dinner. After that we brought out the Death By Chocolate Ice Cream Cake! OOOhhhhh, yum, yum. I know you are all jealous! I got some wonderful gifts. Jeremiah picked me up some new sneakers on his outing. My last pair I had bought at the beginning of Jedidiah's pregnancy. With a 50 pound weight gain, then loosing it, then going through this pregnancy, a 46 pound weight gain, my old shoes were shot. It explains why I was getting shin splints the past two months! So a new pair was in order. Then Jeremiah's parents got me a cook book and a whole bunch of serving utensils. Totally needed! I was very excited. I was always using my regular spoons, which don't quite measure up. After that we went outside for a bit, but the girls were wearing me out so we came back in for a more quiet evening. I got on here and read some inspirational material. I have to share with you the site I was reading. Go there and click on her homeschooling link on the right. I was just inspired. She has a ton of good stuff on her site. I think I will be visiting again soon. Check it out:

Here are a couple of pictures from tonight.

We thought this would make a funny picture. Here I am with one of my new large serving spoons digging into the cake! Ok, I really didn't use it, but we thought it was funny!

Look at those faces!!! The cake was a hit by all. We ate early enough, before Jedidiah's feeding time and he actually ate some of the cake! More than he ate at his own birthday! As a side note Jedidiah does not normally eat while sitting ON the table. He was just up there to get close to the action of checking out the cake as it was being cut. As we were passing out the cake he just kinda stayed there.

It is very late....Poor Jeremiah has been trying to figure out our other computer and it has been a no go. Very frustrating. He was trying to put Linux on the other computer but it is not working with our wireless router. So he just informed me that he's scrapping the whole Linux idea and installing Windows. Ah, sounds like a plan to me. I'm not partial to any particular plan as all computer stuff is greek to me!!! But hey, if it works for him, then it works for me :-) Good night all!

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Tracy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Whew, and to think I have 10 minuted to spare! Actually it's only 9:50 here, and I already called to wish you a happy b-day, but just thought I'd put my 2 cents in! The pictures are fabulous! And I know you ate the cake with that spoon and gave the crumbs to the kids!!!! LOL

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