Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Some other pictures

I thought I would put up some miscellaneous pictures. We had a very small quiet birthday party for Flannery (read: us only). Jerry had picked up some birthday things to celebrate with. And with an ice cream cake added to it, it was a hit.

Here are a couple of cute ones of Jedidiah trying out the excersaucer. I'm thinking he's wondering what the heck he's doing in there. At least that's what he looks like he's thinking in the first picture. His toes barely touch the bottom, so he only stayed in there for two minutes. Hopefully he'll grow longer soon so he can enjoy it.

And the last picture (well at least its supposed to be last, you can't actually place the pictures where you want them!) is of the girls playing in the woods. They dragged their tent out there and were pretending that it was on an island (the rock). You can see Moira trying to "save" Saoirse from the "sharks" in the "water". Pretty funny. We've been spending much more time outside as it has been so nice. We have to get our long playing days outdoors early in the spring as it will get too hot to play outside when summer hits.

That's all to share for now. Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jedidiah's hit the 12 pound mark!

Sorry it has been awhile since my last post. Our internet blocker has blocked me out of my blog! They are still trying to resolve it, but just now the service went down, so I thought I would write really quick! We are getting more into the swing of things around here. Jedidiah has been going to the Pediatric Dysphasia clinic now each week. Here is a new pic of Jedidiah in his bouncy seat, with an old pic right below it. It was there that they figured out he has silent reflux! He has started on some Prilosec (spelling?). It has started to make a difference. He has taken to stage one bananas. He really likes them, and we are having to try to sneak in another food on the spoon with the bananas. We have been needing to use the tube less often. I wanted to take a picture of him today, with him being 12 pounds and .5 ounces. I will have to wait till he wakes up.

Along with eating better Jedidiah has been active in other areas as well. Like having an attitude :-) It is too funny. I mean he's 8 months old and ready to start telling us what he doesn't like, but he's still newborn size! I have to remember to treat him at his age, and not what he looks like. He does NOT like for us to take away something that he is holding. And if we do....oy! Jerry was holding him the other day in the kitchen and the sunlight was coming from behind him. The sun makes his hair look red, like Moira's. Well he looked like a split image of Moira as a baby! It was totally freaky. Moira was a butterball as a baby and now that Jedidiah is filling out he's looking just like her. Finally two siblings that look alike! It figures that one would be a girl and the other a boy. All four girls look nothing alike.

The weather has been wonderful and the girls have been enjoying playing out in the back with the dogs. I have had the sping cleaning bug hit me and I've been cleaning up a storm. The kiddos are getting over a cold so the outside time is doing their bodies good. And I am feeling good just getting the house cleaned :-) So we are all happy!

Jerry has interviewed for a new position at work. This was literally dropped in his lap. He's bumming as he really does not want to leave the position he is in. But there have been hints that his group is unstable right now and they are not sure if they will be there much longer. So it may be a blessing that this is happening now and not after he gets layed off! But at the same time this change has been unexpected and it's made Jerry uneasy as to how to proceed. It sounds like he is a shoe in for the job though, so I'll let you all know how it goes.
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