Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Jedidiah news

Two posts in one day. The children are all sleeping. It was a very stressful evening. For one reason.....Jedidiah. I had talked about starting Jedidiah on pureed real foods a few weeks before the baby was born. I knew I couldn't start then and so I waited...until now. I pureed some of our dinner and put it in his tube at lunch time (left overs). It clogged the pump! That is not good as I had to throw the bag away, ugh! I was about to cry, really I was. I dumped out the rest of the pureed food down the sink. About 30 minutes later I realized that we could try the bolus method. That means you put the liquid in a large syringe and let gravity pull it into his tummy. I was nervous about trying it. To my amazement it worked!!! However about 15 minutes after his feeding he was playing and threw at least half of it back up! Yes, this time I really did cry. I was totally seized by fear. Fear I hadn't had since he was in the hospital. His pale skin has had me concerned, and this just put me over the edge. It didn't help that both Jeremiah and I were totally upset by this event. Usually one of us keeps our head in such a situation. Jedidiah has his GI appointment this coming Monday. Again, I really don't have any hope that we will get anywhere with this appointment. So we are taking matters into our own hands (something we've been doing for a long time now). I went online to look for homemade infant formulas. I found one that won't take me hours to make. That is a plus! I can only pray that he can tolerate it. I may have to work it in slowly. And then go with the pureed foods idea when we get him switched over. The pureed foods need a liquid and I wanted to use the formula or even some juiced veggies. But the store bought stuff is truly junk food. I knew that from the beginning and had looked into homemade infant formula before. But the process was long and the ingredients foreign. Maybe this isn't the top of the line homemade formula, but certainly it has to be better than what he is currently getting. I did weigh Jed a couple of days ago and he did indeed pass his last highest weight, by an ounce. But with his throwing up today and yesterday he won't keep that weight for long. Jeremiah is going to the store tonight to get all the ingredients we will need to make the formula. I will be adding a few extra things to it as well, like his supplements and maybe some coconut oil. We will see where this takes us. Besides this I think our next option will be to look into the doctor who does NAET. I wish I knew what that stood for, but I don't. I just know that it did wonders for my sister. You can visit her blog and look up her second blog to see her story.

I am going to go to bed early. Tomorrow is a new day with God's mercies renewed!


Katie said...

Hi Kerri,

A quick note to let you know I am praying for you! For wisdom as you take matters into your own hands, and for Jed that he will flourish on your homemade formula and foods!!

KathyEller said...

Oh Kerri!

I am praying for peace, wisdom, calm...I am so sorry. It sounds like you are soo on the right track though! Your ideas for the formula sound perfect! Definately coconut there anyway to add colostrum too? No soy. That would be my only other thought. I have this weird hormonal thing that makes me stop nursing at a year. People always want me to switch to formula. We have switched to goat's milk.

I am so glad that you wnat to make your own formula--I'm afraid I would never get around to doing it and just feed him junk and hate myself forever for it. I admire you and think you are definatley doing the right thing.

I am praying from here :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kerri,
I'm not sure if I've ever commented before, but I have been reading your blog for a while. You have been on my heart for a while now, and after reading your last post, I thought, "Oh, I need to encourage her!"

I know you know this, but everything is magnified 10 times when you've just had a baby. Take a deep breath and know you just have to deal with today. Just today. And you can't solve everything in this one day, either. God will give you the grace you will need for this moment, but not for all the "what ifs" and "Maybes." Enjoy today!

God has given you the gift of an opportunity to truly need Him and to learn to trust Him. I had this opportunity when my oldest was born, and I failed miserably. I worried and fretted, cried and pleaded, but I did not trust Him. I did not enjoy most of her early childhood because I was constantly trying to fix her myself, because I didn't think God was going to help me out. After we did find out what the problem was, I was left with much regret. DON'T BE LIKE ME!

Know his ways are perfect. His time is perfect. Keep searching for answers to your puzzle but ask Him to direct every step of the way. He WILL help you. He IS helping you. Rejoice like crazy over the smallest things. He's back up to his highest weight! Woo Hoo! God is good! He may be half a pound heavier next week, you never know!

Kerri, it is obvious what a good mother you are. I think sometimes the best mothers struggle with their inadequacies the most. And it is okay to feel inadequate because you are! Just let it make you feel more grateful than ever for a savior who IS adequate! Press in to Him and let Him be strong for you.

Remember every thing's not going to be fixed in one day. Not Jed, not sibling squabbles, not your entire disposition. Be thankful for small victories and expect setbacks along the way. But expect Him to be faithful, you're not alone, you know.

Praying for peace and joy for you, TODAY!


Kerri said...

Thank you for your thoughtfulness to let me know you are praying. So far so good with the homemade formula. I am only switching it over a bit at a time, since Jed is very, very sensitive to changes.

Colostrum? I'm not sure how I would get that. I will say that the first few days that I was pumping my mild for Jedidiah that there was colostrum in it. It was very interesting that a cough he had had for almost two weeks went away in 24 hours :-) And good for you to use goats milk! Are you able to get it raw? We had tried some from the store (pasturized) oh YUCK! Then a new friend of ours let us try her raw goats milk and I thought she was tricking me! It tasted just like cows milk. We have been very blessed to be able to have this source available to us.

I can not even begin to tell you how uplifting your words were! Thank you! Thank you for leading my focus back to HIM! I realized that later on that night, but at the time I wrote my post I was just devistated. I recently had that thought, of missing out on his childhood due to my worry and fears! Not to mention missing out on everyone elses childhood along with it! The Lord really is dealing with me this week in a mighty way. That may be why (along with those lovely postpartum hormones) I have been a bit of a mess. The Lord is bringing to me a lot of the bagage that I have been hanging on to and that I have recently asked Him to release. I love your site, you have a beautiful family! So, have you been able to count the number of times someone has said to you: "Oh, so now you have your boy!...."Ha, ha! I would follow up their implications that we are finally done now with: "Oh yes we did get a boy this time, not that we were trying for one, but now that we have one we need to get him a brother." I loved watching people's eyes bug out of their heads with that one :-) Now I will have to come up with some other nifty saying as Jed really does have a brother now :-)

God bless each of you today!

Tracy said...

For more information on NAET treatments and a practitioner in your area, just go to Hope this helps! And Kerri, let me know how the changes go for Jed. There is a practitioner who does the meridian pathway NAET in Chapel Hill....a bit of a drive, but it may be worth it to just go for a consult! I'll keep praying for all of you!
Love to all!

Henley said...

how is Jed today? I hope he's better!

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