Monday, August 11, 2008

GI appointment

Just a quick update as to how our day went. We had a wonderful, wonderful time with friends this afternoon before we headed to the doctors appointment. And for anyone who thinks WE have a lot of children, this wonderful family is getting ready to welcome their 12th child into the world soon. The visit came to an end all to quickly. We headed to Duke. We had a long wait. Basically his GI doctor thinks he is doing great and that we are doing a great job at everything. He couldn't recommend anything else. It was good to find out that his g-tube is not infected. He said that it just looked irritated and that a lot of kids tubes get that way. If the pinkness really starts to get out of hand then we would need to come back, but basically he thought it was probably bothering us (Jeremiah and myself) more than Jed. We just got home and need to tidy up. We left in a hurry this morning and things got a little messy here.

I have a very, very long post in the making, a testimony of sorts. I have been working on it the past couple of days here and there. But you know, these babies, I tell ya! They have a knack to know just when you plan on sitting down for a breather :-) Hopefully I'll get it done soon. I have to make Isa an apron for her b-day which is next Monday. I also have to make the child's coordinating apron for the last Saturday of this month. So I've got a few things I'm trying to get done at once.

Off to clean.

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