Friday, August 22, 2008

A quick update

What a day/night! We took Jedidiah into the doctors. I am glad we did. Jed probably has a virus that has been making its rounds around the town. Apparently that is where he got it int he first place---the doctors office! Oh well. The fever did get very, very high-105! I was able to hook him up and give him water through his tube as he did not want to drink. That alone did wonders in bringing down his temp. Jed always gets a small fever when he is dehydrated. So being dehydrated and already having a fever I think brought it up really high. He is doing better now.
About his limping. Having him wearing his shoes really helped to see better what was going on. It appears to be his hips-both of them. The doctor was quite unsure what to think about it as he said it really looked to be hip displasia. We were sent for an x-ray. We won't know anything until Saturday or Monday. I thought that hip displasia was only something babies had. My sister told me that that was not true. With Jedidiah's growth problems it is possible for this to have happened due to not growing at the right rate. At this point we really don't know what is going on, but these are possibilities. We did get his blood tests back and everything was normal! There were a couple of numbers off, but I guess they indicate hunger, and he did have the test taken when he should have been having a feeding. So no findings there. I do need to ask what the food allergies came out like. He was just quickly glancing over them, looking for anything highlighted by the lab, and I am not sure what the food allergies showed. I'll ask them when they call about his hip. I am not sure how painful it is for Jedidiah to be walking, I do know it is "painful" for me to watch him walk. All I can say is it is just NOT right the way he is walking. Some people freak out when they see blood. Blood doesn't bother me. However broken bones do bother me, makes me want to loose my stomach. His bones are not broken, but they aren't working in the right way and it just freaks me out! Please pray we figure this out quickly, like I said I do not know how much discomfort Jed is in. But all of this could mean seeing ANOTHER specialist!
Speaking of specialists, we had Jedidiah's OT and care coordinator over today. We discontinued OT! But we are now possibly picking up another specialist, a speech therapist! We are saying goodbye to one therapist and will be seeing another one soon. It is always sad to say goodbye! Really, it is, as his OT was so wonderful. She really helped him a lot, and was always going above and beyond to help him. We will be having Jedidiah evaluated for speech therapy. He is really behind in speech. How behind I am not sure at this point, but the evaluation will tell us. His coordinator told us he should at least know how to say 50 words (even if they are not 'real' words, but he uses the same 'word' for the object, and we know what he is 'saying') and he is supposed to be putting at least two words together. I counted up his words and I got 16! Assuming I have forgotten some, we are assuming he knows maybe 20-25. And besides the ONE time he said "bye-bye baby" he has never put two words together. I have been listening to the other two year olds at church and I was very surprised by how "behind" Jedidiah seems to be. Now I really don't think anything is wrong with Jedidiah. I feel that he just needs a little help in this area to help him communicate better. I was telling his coordinator that he understands everything, and can point to the correct item if I ask him to (ex: point to the cow on this page...), but she said that at this point when there is a big discrepancy between understanding and being able to use his words then that is a problem.

So on we plod with these unknowns. The good news (at least it was good news before he got sick as that changes everything now) was that I weighed Jed the other day and he had a new high weight-20 lbs 12 oz! I am sure being sick has changed all that, and we yet again find ourselves taking one step forward and two steps back! But at least we know that he can gain on the new formula!

Ok, off to bed, I had a bit of insomnia and need to hit the hay! Poor chunky monkey has been fussing all day, and he is not sleeping well tonight. He has been sleeping 7-8 hours for the past few days, and before that he was going 5-6 hours regularly each night. Not tonight! Oh well, this too shall pass.


Henley said...

Thank you for letting us know how Jed is doing. I am glad his fever has come down. Now to tackle the hip issue and the Speech. He is one brave boy to have to go through all of this. I am so enamoured with him and I've never met him. He just seems like such a little fighter! Please keep us posted on him.

Anonymous said...

I've been praying for Jed and your family....ugh, it really does seem like one step forward and then a few back. But, Jed is a tough cookie and has a wonderful family to support him. I hope you find some answers soon!! xoxo

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