Friday, August 15, 2008

Some of this and that

Just a few things to share today. First I would go and read this post. So encouraging!!! It has been amazing to see God working in my sister's family. I think I like it better to be the outsider looking in, than the insider :-) My insider story is below, but my sister has a neat lesson learned from, of all things, plants. Lucky for you she is much better at writing than I am, so it is not a novel :-)

We have seen some wonderful changes in Jedidiah! For example he got up on the table yesterday and started eating the butter. Yes, the butter! Straight! Hey, I wasn't going to stop him. Then he ate what I would call a normal 12 month old portion of pasta and meat sauce last night for dinner. He was picking out the meat and eating it! Plus he ate the noodles. This child has also been seen running (RUNNING) to the table when I say it is dinner time. These events are nothing short of miraculous in my eyes. His doctor called yesterday (the nurse, really, but on the doctors behalf) to check on his weight. They call once a month or every three weeks or so. Then they called back to say that the weight I gave them was the same weight they had him at two months ago. The doctor was concerned. However the number they had was him being weighed in full clothing, I weigh him without clothing. I get the feeling that our doctor feels a bit uneasy right now. Not sure why as there has been so many changes in Jed. Of course I know his doctor is looking for numbers right now, and although we are getting some decent numbers it can be a bit unsettling to compare those numbers to where he "should" be. We can only press on, and continue to search for answers. I have not received a call back yet from the NAET practitioner. I will have to call again today. I am very pleased at the changes I have seen. Will they last? Will he relapse? Only God Almighty knows. And truly I am just going to be thankful for the changes we see today.

Our friends that we visited the other day gave us a catalog for health supplements. I have seen this company before. I have read some outstanding things about their vitamins for women. You can check them out, Beeyoutiful. I have a bunch of things circled to order. I do not want a repeat of last winter, where we kept taking two steps forward only to take two steps back. So I thought I would be more proactive this year! Last year I figured, hey, we got the flu already, we should be done for the season! HA! If I only knew! We were hit by every other bug out there after that!

I must be going, the children are all hungry (are they ever NOT hungry? :-)) I thought I would share a pic of Jonah. He was so alert last night I thought we would get a picture with his eyes open. None of them came out well, but you can get the gist:


Tracy said...

Wow....first off I have to say that your testimony "book" was very uplifting. Even though I know your "life story", it was great the way you poured out your heart to show others that God does have a plan and even though we can't see it or understand it, we still need to have faith....and I am always amazed at your faith! Thanks for the link to my blog... didn't think I put it exactly the way I wanted to, but when I added the pictures, I realized they showed exactly what I was trying to say, especially if one could imagine Remmington's plant having 20+ flowers on it and so alive! And then to see it all shriveled and dead....actually that tells a story too about how we came out here to Denver with high expectations and all we have had is one frustrasting event after another and a major testing of our faith (can you picture the flowers dying one at a time?). So thanks for all the support, love, and encouragement...I would not be where I am today if it were not for you! Love to all!

Henley said...

wow - that is just great about Jedediah! I am thrilled he is eating and seems excited about it!
Keep us posted:) He is such a precious boy.

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