Friday, August 22, 2008

Please pray

We are in need of some prayer. I need it for my overwhelming fear and worry, especially about Jedidiah. Jedidiah hurt himself yesterday. We didn't see what happened, but after nap he was limping. After probing it seems to be his left knee. That in itself is not a worry. However he woke up at four a.m. with a fever. He has not had any other symptoms. My mind is of course going to worse case scenarios (it always does), but with his pale skin of late it has me very worried. Then Moira came to me as soon as I woke up complaining of itching everywhere. She and Isabella are covered with bites! They did give our dogs baths yesterday and maybe they are flea bites? But they are all over their abdomen, back, underarms and some on their legs, they said they even have a couple on their scalp! They already had what I thought to be chicken pox two years ago. So I don't think that is it. And since they came down with it at the exact same time......Although the other two girls were outside with them as well, but just weren't playing with the dogs, except for a petting or two. However they were hanging out around the dog house, where the dogs lie around. I would think they might have had some. Although the fleas (if that 's what it is) may have been jumping ship since they were being "drowned". And to top it off Flannery asked for some vitamin C or allergy meds. The past couple of days she has been complaining of itchy eyes and what not. This morning she has a runny nose, so she may be getting sick. Which may explain Jed's fever, I just wish he had some cold symptoms to go with it. All of this I got this morning!! I'm not a happy camper. Please do pray. I really feel this is more than just physical, I do believe there is something spiritual going on. Can';t explain it.

Thank you!

PS-Isabelle, thank you for bringing up the geneticist. He was seen by one and they took a lot of blood and the results were that he was a normal boy. She said, just in case we had any doubts if he was a boy (knowing he came after 4 girls) she said, do not worry he is DEFINITELY a BOY :-)

Kathy- I am sorry to say that we lack proper documentation of Jedidiah's science experiment. Shame, shame. Maybe next time :-)


Henley said...

Please let us know how Jedediah is doing! Also the girls. I am praying that everything will be fine - and that both of these issues resolve very quickly!

Laura said...

I'll be praying for you ALL! I understand the whole sickness, with everyone. All of our kids taking turns were sick off and on for about 3 months of the winter. In the end Arthur and I got the flu. Not sure but under sickness on my blog it may have the most post. I too believe it had as much to do with the spiritual as the physical...when truly seeking gets VERY interesting to say the least. But the rewards in HIM out weigh the troubles. Thanks for your hope heart and sharing your family :)

Janice said...

You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. You are such a good mommy and I just have to tell you that. I understand where you are coming from with Jedidah. My cousins little one had a terrible time with eating and gaining weight and they found him to be allergic to quite a few things. She had to make a Goats milk formula for him. They went from Doctor to Doctor until they found the allergies. That was many years ago and he did grow out of the allergies. I know that sounds strange but that is how they always put it. God always has his arms around your shoulders and is with you. Thank you for sharing your family with me. Beautiful children you do have.

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