Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our first Made for Trade Day

A great time was had by all at our first Made for Trade Day. I loved how they explained the purpose of the gathering. It wasn't about seeing what we could get, but instead how we could bless others. That was refreshing. There was something for everyone there. Even Jed had a blast playing with the kid toys on the porch. And then he saw "it". The green machine :-) They had a riding lawn mower that they attached two wagons to. One of the older kids was giving "tractor" rides. Jedidiah didn't want to get off. He cried when we picked him up! So after all the other kids got rides and the novelty wore off for the other kids Jedidiah was able to take a few rides in a row. He was just thrilled to pieces. We were one of the last families to "shop". They have a few families come in at time as there wouldn't be enough room to fit us all. The girls had a blast choosing items. They each got new earrings. Three of the got some cute purses. They also got some note cards, candy, a pincushion, and a plant. It was really fun.

I put Jedidiah on the scale today. I was afraid to do so seeing as how sick he had been all week. High fever for 4 days, throwing up, smaller feeds, and diarrhea all week. But he only lost 4 ounces!!! Praise the Lord! I was so happy!!
I was copying the next installment of the boot camp and loved this "just do it" post she had there. So check it out, it's very short, but to the point ;-)
I'm off! We have a bunch of cleaning to do. I have to make up a meal to take to church tomorrow for a family who will be having a baby soon. I'm making two new things, which I'm not sure why I do that, when I haven't even tried it myself. Silly me. But it sounds really yummy. Plus I need to clean out the van a bit. I am not sure how we get all that STUFF in there. Really, where does it come from?
Have a great day.

The headbands that Isabella made for the trade. They went like hot cakes :-)

Jedidiah, Flannery and Saoirse (with another little boy) going for a tractor ride.

Isabella checking out a hand drawn picture. Isabella is also wearing a headband that I made for her the other night. It is the same as one of the ones she made. But you can see how it is worn. It's very cute. This would have been great when she was growing out her bangs. Now her bangs are long enough to stay behind her ears. Oh well, we'll know a remedy for hair in the face should any of our other girls decide to grow their bangs out.

Moira was very excited to get some new earrings. They haven't changed their earrings out since they got them pierced in June. Moira made some yummy vanilla cupcakes for the trade. I didn't have time this morning to get a picture of them. They were not taken by the time we had left and she noticed :-( I do hope someone got them. There were a few families to shop after us.

Saoirse was enamored by all the neat things to buy. Here she is checking out a basket of handmade toys.

I was trying to get a picture of all the girls at the trade. This isn't the best of Flannery but here she is shopping for some candy. That was a big hit.


Tracy said...

Oh WOW!!! It looks like everyone had a great time! I think the made for trade idea is awesome! I might have to try to start something like that back home! I know I can at least make scrub tops! LOL! Give everyone hugs and kisses!

Melissa said...

Those are super cute!!! Please tell Isabella I'd like to buy 2. One for my 10 year old and one for my 2 year old. :)

Fun fabrics.

FullquivOrr said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! We hope to join the next "Made for Trade" day!

-The Orr family

Anonymous said...

FYI, for newly pierced ears they should only be wearing hypo-allergenic earrings, which means no sterling silver, no stainless steel, no surgical steel. If they have nickel allergies and have an allergic reaction while they are healing. it can lead to keloids and really bad scarring. Also, they should be wearing straight posts, in addition to hypoallergenic, for 6 months.

I pierced ears for a long time.
Good luck with them and God Bless.

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