Thursday, August 07, 2008

Just some snippets

Just thought I would put the link up for the NAET that my sister left in the comments. And YES I would LOVE to go for a consult! I was about to say just give me the name, and realized that I can get it off the site you gave to all of us! (insert a big rolling eyes smiley) Here is the site:

Someone asked how Jedidiah was doing. So far so good. I have given him about 2 ounces of the new homemade formula at each feeding (along with his Alimentum). Today this child actually ate! He gobbled up a load of strawberries. I'm not sure how many, but for him it was a ton. I was so shocked. Then later on we all went out to the soccer fields for the kids to run around. Pour Jedidiah was running full speed, tripped and fell. I would say he did a face plant, but his forehead is so big it hits the ground first. He has a very interesting design on his forehead now :-( Poor guy! We went and grabbed some Wendy's. We decided to get Jed his own little kid size frosty. We were just going to have him share with his sissies, but I really didn't want to hear any screeching. He ate the whole thing, along with a french fry or two! Pretty amazing. The only down side for the day is that his tube site is looking worse. It's still just pink, but instead of the pinkness being just at the top of the tube it is making its way down the sides of the tube. I was about to worry about it, but decided not to. That in itself is pretty amazing as well :-) I will be making up a new batch of formula for tomorrow with the proper molasses. The recipe calls for black strap molasses and I had just regular molasses. Plus we were able to get hemp oil, which is supposed to be the only oil that has the proper 3:1 ratio of omega fats. I put the coconut oil in with his formula this morning. Which was a silly thing to do. Coconut oil is solid at temps below 76 degrees. So I had to warm up his formulas at each feeding before I could put it in his pump. Here is something interesting. Not sure if it is bad or not. Way back when, as an infant and he was nursing, if you were to give Jed a kiss he tasted very salty. That went away after he was on formula. Now he is getting a bit of breast milk again and I gave him a kiss today and he tasted a little salty. Not bad, like when he was little, but my mommy radar started beeping! Again, not sure what to make of it.

On other boy news I decided to weigh Mr. Jonah. Hey, its been a whole week since I last weighed him. And this time I knew he didn't need to be weighed as it is obvious that he is gaining. But that was why I wanted to weigh him....because it is so obvious! I wanted to see just how big this chunky monkey is. Drum roll please......drum, drum, rat a tat tat........He tipped the scale at 9 pounds 5 ounces! That is like a pound in one week! Wooo hooo. Grow baby grow.

I took some time today to respond to all the comments that I have received over the last three weeks. So if you are interested you can go back and see what I had to say. I would have put my responses in all one spot, but that was too much for me to handle. It was easier to just respond right there on the spot. Call me lazy :-)

I'm off to enter my name in a drawing for a neat bag. I'll put a post up (to earn an extra chance at winning) about it. I have in mind to do a bit of a blog roll introduction. I really need to add a few people to my side bar. Here is something neat. I have been having the bug to decorate, to beautify my reminded me of a wonderful blog that I had come across almost a year ago. It was such a beautiful blog. Her life and family are so beautiful. I have learned a lot about homemaking on the net, but from this woman I got the inspiration to make it creative, beautiful.....anyways about three weeks after I found her blog she decided to go off line. I literally cried. No, really I did, I'm not joking. So today I was looking at a post about aprons on the Shed and someone linked to her site. I thought maybe someone pulled up an old post, because this person isn't blogging anymore. Oh wonder of wonders she is back online! Some of you may know her already and if not you should go and check out her site. Her name is Jewels and her site is:

Ok, must be off. Need to get some sleep! I am hoping to share with you a really funny picture I took of Jonah today. I'll save it for tomorrow as I don't have it loaded onto my computer.


Henley said...

I'm so glad Jed is doing better! (so's one day at a time I know). I love your blog and stumbled on it by accident several weeks ago. I am amazed at all you do in a day and what a great job you are doing with your children. I got interested in Jedidiah and went back and read the older posts about him. He will surprise you one day with a growth/gaining spurt I think - and it's so awesome he at strawberries and a frosty. Keep on plugging and posting, you are inspiring to me! Happy Friday!

Kerri said...

Thank you Henley for your kind words!! We are excited that he decided to eat a substantial amount of "real" food yesterday. Depending on how much you have read about Jedidiah, you will see that we have times of two steps forward, then one, two, even sadly three steps back! However I try to enjoy and rejoice in the steps forward that we do take. Being in the middle of the situation it seems like it will never end :-) But I know that is not true, and look forward to the day that my growing boy is like any other child, eating by mouth!

Have a great weekend!


Janice said...

Has Jedidiah been tested for Cystic Fibrosis. They taste salty when kissed.
Good luck with him and your family

Kerri said...

Yes, Jed has been tested for CF. He was tested for about a gazzilion things :-) At least all the common big, bad, and uglies. They said there was nothing they could find wrong and sent us home with an NG tube, with no other instructions! So we have been trying to find things on our own since then. Our latest possibility is systemic yeast, which we saw a great improvement when he went on the Nystatin. I still feel there is a small missing piece to this puzzle. so I am open to any other ideas that anyone has.


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