Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Science of Baby Food

Yes, like I have said in the past we like to start our kiddos off early in this whole homeschooling thing. Of course the title of this post could have also been: What happens when a bored two year old is left unattended with a jar of baby food. Yeah, that would have been good as well. So after telling a certain older child to sit with said two year old I went to take care of the newest baby. Upon returning to "real life" I find two year old alone in the dining room (he was hooked up to his tube feeding) and a BIG mess. Really BIG. But I am sure he was conducting a very scientific experiment. I am not sure what hypothesis or goal he started with as I have not had time to compare notes. I am sure though that he was trying to find out how much pressure one must put on a table smeared with pureed baby food to make the said baby food travel the desired distance to hit it's mark ( in this case it was the wall, my sewing machine on the floor, etc.). It obviously took him many tries to get the desired outcome. Many tries. So this is what I am assuming he learned during his experiment. I on the other hand learned other lessons, like baby food is much harder to wash off a wall that is only primed rather than painted with a washable painted surface. It also is very hard to get off a window, if said window happens to be in the direct sun. The sun "baked" the food on to the window. And I learned that baby food can travel amazingly far! So you see, one experiment, two different learning outcomes!

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KathyEller said...


I understand that you're busy and cleaning up baby food AND Jed BUT I sooo wanted to see a picture of this :)

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