Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jonah's first well child visit

It was pretty amazing to see the numbers on the charts today at Jonah's visit. Jonah is in the 90th percentile for everything (weight, height and head circum.). He weighed in at 10 pounds 7 ounces, he is still 22 inches long and his head was 15 3/8 inches around. My cute little chunky monkey! He is a healthy strapping boy! Nothing really to report on him. The doctor and I did talk about Jedidiah. Like I said I have had the feeling that our doctor has been getting a little nervous about Jed's condition. He asked for me to get his blood retested. I was at first a little hesitant, not knowing what we would find now that we didn't find out before. However I was quite disturbed to find that as far as he knows the hospital did not recheck his thyroid. When our doctor did the initial blood work, no one could get blood out of his arm (my hesitation for going again for a redraw, although it's been a year), and had to do a heal stick. Now that could have altered the thyroid numbers. (thyroid problems can cause growth problems) The report that he received from the hospital was that everything was OK. But there was no record of them doing the test again. It may be he just didn't receive them, although he said he received a bunch of paper work. So after hearing that I was of course all for another blood draw. The lab tech was great, she got a stick on the FIRST try! Oh, did I ever send praises up to the Lord! However, Mommy, was a bad mommy and I didn't have a firm enough of a grip on his arm and he twisted his arm. Not much mind you, but enough to "blow" the vein. Ugh!!!!!! I cried, yes, right there and then. Poor Jedidiah's arm started swelling up. Thankfully that didn't last long and now his arm is just fine. But I felt like a total loser mom! I am just it will be a few days before we will hear anything. The doctor is also having it tested for some food allergies. And of course we will be able to find out if he is anemic (again, something that has been concerning me is Jed's paleness). After all of that fiasco we went to spend a wonderful afternoon with my good friend Melody. Everyone had a great time. And later that night I went to a homeschool meeting for Moms who follow the Ambleside online curriculum. It was a great time, although poor Jonah didn't think so as he was totally overstimulated from a too full day! Poor kiddo. I left early and that baby slept for 8 hours straight!! Speaking of sleeping baby, today I have purposed to start to teach him how to go to sleep on his own. I had been waffling on this for many reasons, but the past few days have settled the issue. Yesterday in particular the baby was up from 1 pm to 7 pm, either eating or fussing and sleeping only for 5 minutes at a time. He was again overstimulated as he never could get into a good sleep. With us starting school next week we won't be able to get anything done if he does this on a continuous basis. So he starts school this week :-) Sleep school!

I will have another post about Isabella's birthday later. On my list of things to accomplish today is: Vacuum and mop floors. The house is clean already!! Get kiddos outside for a while. Print up new chore cards (after rearranging a few of them). And if I have time to plan out the order of their school subjects. I know I will not get everything done by Monday (first day of school) that I want to, and although everything in me wants everything to be perfect I am making sure to have realistic expectations :-) Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Jonah is doing well...this might have already been discussed, but have you had Jedidiah seen by a genetic specialist? Since the drs can't seem to figure it out, it might be something to consider if you havent' already tried it? I hope they figure out what is going on with him soon...

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