Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A very LONG day

Yesterday was a very long, long day. We believe we finally have some answers for what Jedidiah has. He ran a high fever all weekend (in the evenings getting to 105). Monday morning it was 104 and he was in a lot of pain. Of course we didn't know what was painful as he can't tell us. Jeremiah took him back to the doctors. He got the x-ray results....NORMAL. And he got the in depth blood work info.....NORMAL (no food allergies according to the test they did). Ok, so my child can hardly walk, but his x-ray was normal. He said the doctor thought it was muscular....I just *knew* that was not right. The doctor also said to definitely not give him any more Motrin. Jedidiah had some bleeding from his tube. One time was after it was pulled the other was after waking up, and I was not sure if it had been pulled or not. However his doctor felt that the bleeding was from the Motrin. The doctor gave us a prescription for an antibiotic. and anyone who knows Jed's health issues knows this will be yet another step backwards for him as he will get diarrhea. But the meds are obviously needed in this case. We were told that if his fever did not let up by night we were to take him in to the ER by morning. Now that was a pleasant thought! So Jed comes back from the doctors and was just crying and crying...in obvious pain. We gave him Tylenol. After an hour he was still crying in pain. We caved and gave him Motrin. He cried for another hour until the Motrin took hold. We had taken him outside as that is his most favorite thing to do in the whole world. He would not get down to play!! I knew something was seriously wrong with him to not even want to get down to walk around outside. He would not walk all morning and afternoon. Let's just say that I was more than a little freaked out! He took an earlier nap, but didn't sleep long. He woke up to more crying and crying. With more meds he started feeling a bit better. The nurse called around 4 pm to see how he was doing. Jeremiah had just laid Jed down to change his diaper, which set him off to screaming and crying . The nurse asked if that was Jed crying. Um, Yup! He's pretty much been crying all day like that. I told her we gave in and gave him the Motrin as that is the only thing helping with whatever pain he was in. It was very frustrating as most of the day he wanted to be held, but he would cry and push away from us or arch his back. But if we tried to put him down (thinking he didn't want to be in our arms) he would screech! So there's Jeremiah changing Jed's diaper and he remarks that his pee really smells. LIGHT BULB MOMENT!!!! I remembered that the night before sitting up and nursing Jonah (Jed was sleeping in our bed) and I could smell his pee. I thought that he was just dehydrated and so the urine was concentrated. However both times (in the night and Jeremiah changing him) he had a full pee diaper. All of a sudden the puzzle pieces were coming together. So with all these pieces we believe that Jedidiah has a bladder infection, that went to his kidneys. So a kidney infection would explain all of his behavior, the arching his back when held, his limping etc. By evening our little guy finally got up and walked. He even gave me a few smiles! Thank GOD!!! Seriously, I was so very relieved to see him act even a tiny bit normal. The rest of the evening he was completey cool, although he was being given Motrin and Tylenol. However before even with the meds he would still have a very low grade fever. He watched a movie, and fell asleep early. I have a picture of where he fell asleep. He had gone over to read a book by his bookshelf. Right behind him was the baby bouncing seat, and he leaned back on it and fell asleep. Poor guy!

It is now Tuesday morning and Jed has been very agitated, in pain still. Although the pain can be expected for the next day or so. But he is up and walking around, reading books and such. He really wants to go outside right now, but it is raining. It was a very long day yesterday, and it is looking to be a long day today. We did start school yesterday. I know, that sounds absurd with all that was going on. However I NEEDED the girls to be occupied. And after reading to them for a few minutes they were off doing their school work. That gave me some time before lunch with them busy.

Here are a few pictures. I did get the apron done this weekend (when both Jed and Jonah were sleeping). Today I plan on having the girls do school. Plus some cleaning up. Then some needed outside time. And of course tending to our sick little guy.

Ou poor Boogy!

The coordinating aprons. I was hoping the smaller one would fit a 6 year old, but it will be more like 10 and up. Oh well, this is my second attempt to alter a pattern, and I am pretty pleased with the results even if it didn't come out the size I had hoped.

Isabella and I modeling the aprons. I'm thinking I need to make me up some more for us!! :-)

OK. gotta go check the radar to see how much rain to expect today.


Henley said...

I am so sorry to hear about Jed. That poor little boy just keeps getting slammed with issues - I feel so badly for him (and for you!). Please continue to let us know how he's doing. I hope the kidney infection will go away quickly and he will be back to his smiley self very soon!

Laura said...

So sorry to hear about Jed and all his sickness. We'll be praying the meds kick it out fast. Jonathan got his new tube today...he did well. I'm going to post pictures of it tonight. LOVE the aprons, you did a great job. Hope school goes well, I'm still trying to get to all subjects...in time I will.

Tracy said...

Wow....I love the aprons! They came out so well!!!!! I have already talked to you at length about Jed, so I just want to add that I think you are truly amazing at keeping your cool during these very long days and trying to maintain normalcy (sewing and schooling) for the others. Keep going and yes it did pass! :)

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