Sunday, August 03, 2008

Chunky Monkey

We have a little chunky monkey on our hands. Jonah is doing really well. He did have a rough time of it today with his tummy. I am sure it is something that I ate. We went to church today for the first time in a month! Some people who came last week to drop off a meal could tell that he has gained weight. What a wonderful feeling! I had been up last night nursing Jonah in our bed. I was looking between him and Jedidiah (who sleeps on the other side of the room). I was at first overcome with guilty feelings about Jedidiah's condition. I just couldn't get over how beautifully that Jonah is nursing and gaining, and the contrast of Jedidiah across the room who is thin, pale and for some reason in the past few days his head seems rather large to me. I know Jed's head has always been disproportionate to his body but he must have had a growth spurt in length as he seems thinner and his head bigger. I know he isn't thinner due to weight as he has been catching up to his last highest weight (and may have surpassed it by now), so I am assuming he must have sprung up in height. So anyways here I was just feeling awful for not knowing in the beginning that there was something wrong with Jedidiah. I felt like I should have known something was wrong, that his nursing was wrong, that his gagging was wrong, etc. I realized though that it was foolish for me to think that way. I might as well be mad at myself for someone coming up to me on the street and speaking Russian to me, and then being mad at myself for not knowing what that person was saying! If you don't know, then you don't know. It is one of my primary goals to figure out what is wrong. My sister and I were talking about him yesterday. We were discussing his infection around his tube, which isn't worse, but not better either. It may come to a leap of faith and having to have his tube pulled (I don't think that would happen soon, but it was the matter being discussed). The longer he is on the tube the harder it will be for him to eat like a normal kid. However I was telling her that I feel there is one small puzzle piece still missing. I'm not sure why I feel that way, nor do I have any idea what that small piece is. Maybe an allergy, or another sensitivity. Can't put my finger on it, but would want to look into that feeling of mine a bit more. My sis says there is a doctor who does NAET. It is a way to rid yourself of allergies through various means. There is only one here, out in Chapel Hill. I think when the baby is a bit older, ready to go out into the world, I will look into seeing this doctor. Sometimes and alternative doctor knows more about things like yeast, or allergies.

I have a few pictures to share. We got some wonderful handmade gifts from some girls in our church for Jonah. I have to go snap some pictures of them if I can. I also got a cute picture of Isabella holding Jonah. Other things that went on today- We had a visit from Jeremiah's parents today, getting to see their sixth grandchild for the first time. I was able to iron the material for the aprons I will be making. I put together a kombusha tea starter. I read that you can buy a bottle of the tea and make your own SCOBY (the "mushroom") from it. I am soooo excited about trying this. I have heard that kombusha can do amazing things with your health. When I poured the bottled tea into the large container of black tea and sugar I saw this itty bitty baby shroom. Too cute! I put it in my cupboard, and have to leave it there for two weeks. Kombusha tea is supposed to taste like sparkling apple cider. I tried a tiny bit from the bottled stuff and it did taste like apple cider. I didn't get a big drink of it, but from what I could tell it was pretty good stuff. Tomorrow we have a bunch of cleaning to do. Things always get out of order on Sundays. I also want to put my keifer grains into some lactose free organic milk. The fermenting of the goats milk seems to bring out the goaty taste in the milk. So I want to try cow's milk. I am hoping that my keifer grains are still viable after their long vacation in my fridge. They are supposed to last for a VERY long time in cold storage. That's all on my list of things to do. It is shopping day tomorrow, and I need to send a list with Jeremiah. I won't be doing the shopping for probably the next couple of weeks, again just trying to stay healthy. As it is in the next two weeks we have two doctors appointments, one at Duke the other with our family doctor. So the less exposure to the outside world the better. Good night everyone. It is late, little chunky monkey may be going through a growth spurt as he just wanted to eat and eat and eat today! I was not able to pump because I had to feed him from both sides at each feeding. I am hoping tonight I will be able to pump some milk for Jed.

Here is the failed attempt of the spoke wheel picture. Saoirse decided to break down after Isabella told her that she could not touch the baby, and then Saoirse saw that Isabella was touching the baby, and she broke down. Jedidiah was all smiles until I stepped up on the step stool, and then he decided that he wanted to climb up the step stool too. I am thinking I will not be getting a spoke wheel picture anytime soon. I may just go for the "all children lined up on the couch" picture instead.

Here is the cute picture of Isa and Jonah. It looked like he was sucking his thumb. Just so sweet.

This is the handmade shirt and burp cloths that we received today from a wonderful family at church. One of their daughters made us a cute keepsake book, and I am not sure who made these, but someone in their family.

Here is the back of the shirt. I love this pattern. I think I have a similar pattern that I made for Isabella when she was under a year old. I should dig it up.

Here is the shawl I made ages ago. I think our camera was broken by the time I finished it. You can't see the edging detail, it has little picots along the sides. I love, love, love this shawl. It kept me cozy when I wasn't feeling well recently. I used it as a nursing cover up today at church. The holes give plenty of ventilation, but they are small enough that people can't see through. And it kept Jonah warm when the AC got a bit cool today. And presently Saoirse is sleeping with it as her blankie. Wow, talk about multi purpose!

Good night!


Laura said...

Hi, I don't think I have ever left you a comment, but I have been following your family for a few weeks. You have a beautiful family. I just wanted to say that Jonathan my 5th child also has a feeding tube. This is the first I read about Jed having one too. So, I went back and read a few more old post. I'll be praying for him and his weight gain. Congratulations on the new addition! I enjoy reading about your family.

KathyEller said...

I'm sorry to hear about Jedidiah..having just "met" you and being new to your blog I dont know all the details but I will be praying that God show you the missing piece.

I have a son with a lot of allergies. Some effect him in funky ways (like weeping.) I spent a lot of time in prayer and "random" things happened, like we were in Reno taking someone to the airport and stopped at a thrift store on the way home and I came accross a book that described my son's allergies.

It sounds like you are bouncing back very well and being soo productive. I'm spending a lot of time feeling overwelmed and crying. It seems to be all hormones. It really helps to read your blog and see how happy you are. I dont know if that is odd...

I LIKE the spoked wheel picture!! It doesnt looked posed or professional, I think that is what I like about it :)

Bleesings to you and yours!!


Kerri said...

I went to see your sons story as well :-) Seems like both of our fith borns are very special people!!! Maybe we can compare g-tube stories :-) If you find any tips on fighting infections around the g-tube site let me know! Jed has his GI appointment in a few days and I really want to get somewhere with his doctor. We'll see if that can't help us figure out how to rid him of this infection.

That is exactly how I have been praying lately. That the Lord would lead us in ANY way to find the answers to this problem. I sometimes feel like I did at the end of my most recent pregnancy...I want to be on the other side of this problem! I want to be looking back on it, not to be in the midst of it anymore. God is indeed good and I know He will lead us!

Have an awesome day!

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