Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Outside time

We have been spending a bit more time outside. It may have to do with the fact that Jedidiah won't be swallowed up by the jungle....:-) Mr. Jonah was being a fussy muffin this morning. Nothing major, just wouldn't stay asleep for his nap. He finally was too tired to possibly stay awake. We went out this morning before breakfast and again right before lunch. Jedidiah was acting really, REALLY fussy this afternoon during his feeding time so I unhooked him, gave him a quick bath and whisked him off to bed. So the two littles are sleeping. I'm taking some time on the net while the girls have a snack. Then I will dig into the Word for a while. I also want to read to the girls. We have been reading about chickens as of late. We are hoping to get some in the near future and I want them to all know something about how to care for them. I was able to finish the adult apron, and will hopefully be able to start on the child size apron sometime today. Lets see, I also have to send off another grocery list. I forgot to send the hard copy with Jeremiah today. Oh well. Below are some pictures I took while we were out this afternoon. Have a blessed day!

Strollers are for what? Pushing babies in? We think not! Here is Isabella as the "horse" and Moira as the "driver". My kids are really, really, really into playing animals. I am sure some day I will look back fondly on that fact, but most times it is very irritating for them to be crawling around and barking half the day!

I had one of the girls bring Jedidiah's dump truck outside. We tried to show him that he could put stuff in the dumper and then dump it out, but all he did was push it around. Hey, he was happy.

Me experimenting with the sepia mode. Unfortunately taking pics in sepia mode outside in bright sun does not give good results. I did get this one that came out pretty well. Flannery preparing to be the "horse".

Snapping one of Isa and Moira on the rock.

I'm not sure if you really want to know what Saoirse is doing here. I suggest you don't look too close, but she is attempting to give a proper burial to a squished frog. They discovered it on our driveway, I am sure it was a night time hit and run :-) The other girls decided that having a burial right there on the driveway was not proper so they took him off to the side, buried him and even made a cross to mark the spot. Now if we could only get them to take that concern for animals and gear it towards their siblings instead. We would have one very peaceful home! I had to give Isa a little lecture today on serving the Lord. I told her some people have to care for loved ones who were seriously ill, some taking care of older ailing parents. I explained very briefly the work involved. I then told her we could be thankful that Jedidiah's condition wasn't so serious, but that it did bring extra work. And that work is to be done as unto the Lord. As I said earlier Jedidiah was very tired. I had Isabella reading to him during his feeding time. However Jed wasn't being very cooperative, and Isa wasn't being so patient. Hence the lecture. Now to give myself my own lecture! Dying to self...die to self, lather, rinse, repeat! Seriously, that is what it comes down to, dying to self. Which is why I need to be in the Word, because dying to self is not something that comes naturally. Off to feed on the Bread of Life.

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