Thursday, June 05, 2008

Just popping in

I am still alive. I have been VERY busy. VERY! I have really cut back on my computer time and have been focusing on the ton of work here at hand. The past few days I have had the girls do school, just their workbook stuff. I'm trying to keep up on everyday cleaning. I have made many meals for the freezer for after the baby. We have had prayer meeting, grocery shopping, milk pick up and for today a field trip. The trip will be to a friends house who is having a police officer and his canine come and demonstrate the importance of obedience. The girls are very excited about it! For the past couple of days we have also had two extra residence with us. Two very messy and sometimes noisy (think 3 AM) residence. Puppies. But they should be gone by today, much to my joy. Don't get me wrong they are cute and all, but from the above work that I have been doing I certainly do not have the time. Now for the actual work of puppy care I have not had to do *anything*. Isabella and Moira have been doing it all, much to their delight. However taking puppies to the potty takes forever. Not to mention that we have two other girls who want to go out with them, who leave doors open for Jedidiah to follow out. So I am on door alert constantly. Animal control should be here sometime today to pick them up. Then life can get back to its normal hectic schedule :-)

Oh and the girls are going to a father daughter retreat this Friday and Saturday. Isabella is hoping that I will finish her prairie dress before then. I am thinking God will need to give me supernatural powers to do that, but I will try. I got the dress parts cut out. I will try to sew those tonight. Then tomorrow I will need to get the pinafore done. That way she will have it for Saturday to wear.

Well off to put make some bread, then our breakfast of scrambled eggs. Then get everyone dressed and ready for the field trip. Have a great day!


Bethany W. said...

So glad you are still alive - I was beginning to wander. Sounds like you are nesting!
Are you all still wearing your head coverings? Has that transition gone well? Has anyone said anything?
Do you always do school in the summer?
Just full of questions today,

Tracy said...

Oh my 20 lbs?????????? Is that with poop or without? (Please see my most recent post :). I am very excited about the weight gain, even though it may seem like it is not enough...the thing is he is still GAINING and not losing! :) Hope you had a great weekend!!! Love to all!

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