Saturday, June 14, 2008

Didn't hear an answer yet

Sorry to keep anyone hanging. Jeremiah did not hear back about a decision for the job. He did hear that it seemed to go well and the middle guy will be talking with their hiring person on Monday about it all. So a few more days till we hear any other news. The funny thing is that with the last job he was interviewing for he sent me an email that he got and he didn't think it sounded good, while I thought it sounded positive. But the job fell through. This time he feels the information he got about how this interview went is very good, I was thinking it was not. But he seems to know how these things work. Our pastor/elder's wife has this saying (she got it from some book) that he'll (the husband) do the thinking and she'll (the wife) do the cooking. Too funny, but I say AMEN! Ha, ha.

For all of those who were praying for Bethany, thank you. She is at home now recovering. She has a couple of bulging discs (ouch!). She can not do any lifting, bending, or pretty much anything right now. So continued prayers for a quick recovery would be wonderful. With a house of little ones we know that Mommy doesn't have any down time!

Please be in prayer for our health as well. No we are not sick. However we have been in contact with someone who was. When I found out this person was sick I just wanted to cry. I pretty much want to cry about everything when I get to the end of a pregnancy. Normally I would be bumming, and cautious about sickness, but right now I'm pretty much freaking out. Jedidiah has his well child visit on Monday and I'm ready to ask the doctor for an know, just in case. No, I won't really ask for one, but I tell ya those hormones have a mind of their own! Just pray that we all stay healthy and free from any illness from now till ooooohhhhh, a year from now :-) I already had a newborn (Flannery at three days old) be exposed to sick children. She got sick a few days later and she was sick for NINE WEEKS!! Um, not fun. I really don't need a repeat of that! Jedidiah's cough has seemed to have gotten better. He still has one a bit, but now it's not all night long like before, just during the day a few times here and there. My concern of course is that it will turn and get worse. I've been faithful to give him his medicine, and I know it can take up to two weeks to heal from any damage that was done, which would be causing the cough.

We will be having Jeremiah's parents over tomorrow for father's day. I wish I had something really nice planned. But unless you think that a lemon meringue pie fills that criteria, well it will be pretty normal. It's been a while since I last made the lemon pie, and I am hoping it turns out really yummy.

The countdown is on....well I suppose it's been on since I first got preggers :-) But the last few weeks are when I need to start gathering and readying the birth supplies. I'm making up my grocery list, which should have the last of the things to get before the 36 week mark. I'll be 36 weeks on Thursday! We'll be in the home stretch! yahoo! I've started my herbal concoctions for wellness. I have a really "yummy" one for garlic I'm currently taking. Yummy is a joke of course. I have all the baby clothes washed. Next week I will get all the towels, washcloths and receiving blankets washed and put into bags. I have a few more meals to make. I am pretty happy with what I do have done, but I really want to make a couple of breakfast things. I have a ton of dinner stuff. I am hoping to get those meals done in the next two weeks. Then it will be just trying to keep up with the house work until Labor Day!

It's almost time for bed. We had a long day and I'm pooped. I forgot to tell you all that we had run out of gas today. Thankfully we were at an exit already, and the exit was down hill AND the light turned green right when we needed so that we were able to coast into the gas station. Ahhh.....memories in the making! Good night all!

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Tracy said...

Oh so it's ok for YOU to write a book, but if I dare even take a minute to READ a few things while having my coffee, then I'M the one slacking? YOU are SOOOOOO out of control (gosh darn those hormones!). HAHAHAHAHA! OK, so I hope no one reads this and thinks I am SERIOUS about telling you off! :) I am praying that none of you get this "mysterious" illness! Just so you know...antibiotics will NOT help a viral disease!!!!!! I would repeat this over and over, but your pregnancy hormonal brain probably won't listen anyway! :) :) OK, I hope all goes well for Monday...I expect a post by Monday evening! However, given the fact that I will not have internet access then, I will have to wait for at least a week!!! LOVE YOU! Love to all the kiddos too!

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