Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some Links

I want to put up a few links on the side bar of some of the sites I frequent. I don't have the time right now, as we have a full morning ahead of us. But I am at least posting about it, as a reminder to myself :-)

I am battling a sinus infection. Oh so pleasant. Quite frankly I have too much to do, and am trying to ignore it :-) I am going to make some eggs and toast soon, then we need to take off quick to pick up our milk. Then its back here to hook Jed up to his feeding and give the girls their next tests. We had a bit of a test crisis here yesterday. It was with the same child that had a crisis last week with her testing. With much coaxing, and lecturing, she was able to take the test in the appropriate way. So far they have done great with the testing. There was one short coming with one child, but I already figured that that part of the test was going to cause her trouble. So nothing that I didn't know already. It has been very encouraging to see the difference this year with the subjects that they had a hard time with last year on the test. We spent this past school year on those tougher subjects and the work has paid off! Now I know that we will keep doing what we are doing, and add some extra effort with the above said child's fear of being timed on her work. She had no problem with the actual work, just being timed!

The rest of our day will hopefully be productive in more cleaning. We got the general cleaning under control now, so it's back to some more spring cleaning. I am hoping to finish up two of the rooms so I can just cross them off the list altogether. We have a much quieter weekend ahead of us. I am looking forward to that. I am also looking forward to making some sourdough bread this weekend. I have been "brewing" a starter now this past week and tomorrow will be the first of two days of putting the bread together. I will be sharing the site that I got that off of, as she has a ton of stuff to share about with homemaking, homeschooling and such. And she has pictures of the bread process, which will be helpful.

Other than that Isabella wanted me to tell you all that she and her sisters will be attending the Father - Daughter retreat that our church is having the first week of June. They are SSSOOOOOooooo excited! Isabella asked me to make her a new dress for the occasion. She has been asking for a prairie dress for some time now. We ordered a pattern and already have the fabric on hand. We'll see if the pattern gets here in time for me to make the dress for her to wear to the retreat.

Ok, gotta go! Time's a ticking :-)


April Smith said...

Oh, the joys of testing! We used an untimed test for Jonathan this year--because he totally freaked out last year and it wasn't even timed, so we decided not to torture him just yet with a timed test. The test only covers the core subjects and you give them a placement test first. It is the PASS test by Hewitt Homeschooling. They also give great information about to help them in their weak areas when the results come back. It is only for 3rd-8th grade though. But it is designed for homeschoolers, by homeschoolers. You may want to check out their website (or call me :-))

Katie said...

Hi Kerri!!

Did I ever comment back to you after you left me a comment? I totally meant to and embarassingly enough, I can't remember if I did or if I just think I did ;-)

I did put up a picture tutorial, I'm not sure if you ever got a chance to see!

How neat you grew up in upstate! I can't even imagine life without Wegmans, it's almost too scary to think about ;-) I know. I'm totally spoiled. But only a former upstater could understand! :-)

How are you feeling with your due date approaching? Hope all is well!!

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