Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Puzzle Pieces Fitting

The pieces of Jedidiah's health issues that is. So we had a trial run with the Nystatin this week. And I am very pleased to announce some very good results. Nystatin takes longer to work, but even still we saw some great results by the end of the week. He gained 4.5 ounces this week. This is *huge* seeing as how the last 6 or 8 weeks he only gained 3 ounces total. We did not change his feedings or anything else, although I did increase his good bacteria. I wanted to make sure that something good was replacing the bad yeast. Jedidiah started eating double what he has been. And he has stopped digging at his throat! These are all very good signs. We are now going to proceed to "stage two" and add some changes. The first being that I need to get Jedidiah on a sugar free diet for the next three weeks. I was supposed to sit down last night and print out some information on calorie contents of common foods. I need to make sure he is getting at least the same amount of calories as he is now. But our computer was temporarily down. So I am hoping to get that done today. These foods have to be able to be pureed and put into his tube, no small feat! Plus we got a new supplement in. It has a few of the same things that the current supplement does, plus some. So we will see if that helps him in any way.

I have been working away on the clothing. This has really added a lot of work to the table! I had to take EVERY piece of clothing out of the dressers. I am washing ALL of it, with a solution of vinegar and tea tree oil. Then washing it again, then drying it. I am not hanging it in the sun due to finding a tick on one of the towels after we brought them in. Then this past Sunday we found a tick on the back of Jedidiah's ear. We really don't need Lyme's disease on top of this! Then I sprayed the girls drawers with Lysol. However that stuff is just toxic and it took days for it to be ok to go back in the changing room. So I made a stronger solution of the vinegar and tea tree oil and am using that on the rest of the drawers. Just about everything in our closet is out. I took the stuff on hangers and just hung it out in the sun this morning. What a feat! I only have some bedding left in there. I bagged up all of Jeremiah's and my winter clothing as well. We usually just have it sit on the wire racks up above in the closet. However there truly is only so much I am willing to do right now. I am up to my ears in laundry and anything I can put up in the attic and deal with later I need to do that.

In the midst of this I was able to make some extra breakfast meals for the freezer. I am almost done spring cleaning our bathroom. I am hoping to finish that today and get most of my bedroom done as well. I need to wait till I get some more tea tree oil before I can put our dressers back together in our room. Plus I gave Jedidiah a buzz the other night. And I am sure there are a few other things that have now slipped into the abyss I call my brain :-)

I am sure you are all tired of hearing of my dilemmas of laundry and what not, but that is my life at this moment :-) I will add some excitement to the mix and say that I noticed my braxton hicks working differently the past three days. Not sure if that means much, but I think this baby is getting ready. I am thinking another two weeks. We have found a couple of girls names as well. I am still wanting to find another boys name as each version of the name we have one of us doesn't care for the other. I would hate to name any child with a name that either Jeremiah or I just "settled" for. I want their name to have meaning and one that we both really like.

We have been dealing with yet *another* tummy bug. I got it first, then Isabella had it yesterday, now Flannery has succumbed to it this morning. Isabella just layed around, and actually slept a lot. Flannery however is sitting here just whining and whining. I am not sure if I will be able to get all my things to do, done. Oh well. That is how it all works, being a mommy. Things pop up and you need to reprioritize.

Ok, I am off to make some breakfast and tackle more laundry :-)


Katie said...

Oh my! I will be praying for an abundance of energy for you! What a big undertaking a the end of a pregnancy, good job! :-)

Beth said...

I'm only 6 months pregnant and reading of all you're doing is exhausting me! **Yawn** :) Keep up the good work, but be sure to take it easier as you approach the birth so you'll have the energy you need for your labor.

MandyMom.com said...

This is a little different, as it's a grown man, but we have yeast/gluten problems in our family and have found that if you get off of sugar AND all flours for a couple weeks, while taking Nystatin (Sp?) that the body will fully cleanse. You just have to read all labels and make sure he is NOT getting ANY flour whatsoever, even in small amounts, or sugar.. even in fruits. I know, seems like it doesn't leave a lot, but he can eat a lot of veggies (and meats). We usually only have to do this diet for 2 weeks (15 days actually) before the body has fully cleansed itself of the bad yeast.

Bethany W. said...

In regards to yeast... Have you heard of Acidophilus? It is a healthy bacteria to put into your body to help tummies and fight yeast. I highly recommend it! And, when you are forced to use antibiotics, make sure you take plenty of this GOOD bacteria to replenish your natural supply!

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