Saturday, June 21, 2008

Midwife appointment

So I had an appointment with our midwife today. Everything is going great. The only "problem" is that this baby is still posterior. It's gonna get it's first spanking if it doesn't obey and turn! :-) A posterior position makes labor longer and harder. But with prayer and some exercises I am sure this baby will be ready in its proper position at the right time. The baby is growing, I'm growing, my blood pressure great. I was a bit disappointed to see that my iron went down. I've been feeling a bit more tired lately and wanted it tested. It is still in the normal range, but it did drop a whole point. So I am going to try to get some extra iron rich foods into my diet these next couple of weeks. I'm not sure if I will have time to boost it, but even if not I'm still in the safe range.

We are having some guests over for dinner, and Jeremiah is cooking :-) The other couple is expecting their 6th in the next two weeks, so he is giving us a night off of cooking. Gotta go get a few things tidied before they arrive.


The Redeemer Liveth! said...

Oh the excitement!! Less than 3 weeks to go! We are praying for you. I hope your iron level comes back up Mrs. P.! Give all the children a big hug for me and a 'hello' to the Mr.!
Have fun with your company (if I wrote this in time :)!
Praying Ever,
Anna Stone :D

Anonymous said...

Ugh, Noah was posterior and never turned -- then again the hospital required that I lay in bed to labor (LOL). Yeah, definitely using a midwife for baby #2...also will want to ask you more about these herbs you take! sounds very interesting.

I pray the baby turns soon for you! :)

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