Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just some catching up

Although not much is going on, which can be a good thing! I was very successful at cleaning up all the rooms of the house, well, almost. There is a tiny bit left in my bathroom, BUT everything else is cleaned up, even the horrid computer room. Seriously I would not open that door if we had company, it was that bad. But now it looks GREAT!

Tomorrow we will be getting something really neat....a camera, from my very gracious Aunt! I am so excited as we will have it in time for Jedidiah's birthday. His birthday is on Tuesday! I can hardly believe he will be TWO!!! We all got hit by the tummy bug last week, Jedidiah got it the worst as he actually threw up a few times. But in spite of that he still gained an ounce. No that is not a lot, BUT he didn't loose weight, and that is what is important. The poor guy has some sort of infection starting at his g-tube site. I am not too happy about that. I have some prescription cream to put on it from the past and after two days it was looking really good, and then it took a turn for the worse. It is getting worse and I will be calling the doctors early tomorrow morning to see what we need to do. I would really hate to have to give him oral antibiotics as that will only work against us in fighting the yeast. BUT he is in more harm if we let an infection take over, so we will do what is best for now and then pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and restart the yeast fight once the infection is gone. I'll let you know what happens.

Tomorrow we will be getting a few things done here. The girls will be making up the cake for Jed's birthday. We will frost and decorate it on Tues. We have a very busy Tues. so that is why they will make the cake up ahead of time. Tomorrow we will decorate with streamers, and I need to make a birthday sign for Jedidiah. Then Tues. will be errand day. Library, school store, and grocery shopping. Then we will celebrate Jedidiah's birthday in the evening. The rest of the week will be spent trying to tie up loose strings. I have a few more things I want to put away in the freezer for after the baby. I also have to clean out the birth pool. And I need to sterilize the towels (we keep forgetting to get a stack of paper bags to do so). I am also trying to get an idea of how I want to structure our time after the baby comes. I'm talking about the time when Jeremiah goes back to work. He'll be taking a week off. We will also be getting two weeks of meals from church. So all of that will be very helpful in just relaxing and recovering. Then after that week I will need to be more in the action. So I want to have a plan to keep the girls busy so as to lessen any chaos. There was a woman at church today that just had a baby on Monday. It was her third child. And that explains why she was at church so soon! Ha, ha! I was the same way with my first three. BUT I learned after that that there is no rush to be getting back to normal life within three days of having a baby. The Bible is very clear of the time a woman should take to heal and recover after having a baby. The length of time for the recovery is different if you've had a boy or a girl. Longer for a girl and shorter for a boy. I want to say it is 60 days for a girl and 40 for a boy. Or it was 40 for the girl and shorter if a boy. Sorry I don't have the exact passages. BUT here I was after three days of having a baby trying to go back to normal life. I am thinking God is smarter than me and if He says I should be resting for a month, well by golly there IS a reason. Our human minds can't always conceive of why God does things in a certain way, but His ways are right. So for the last two children I took a much longer recovery period. It is not possible for me to take a month off, but it is possible by the work I do now to make that month after the baby as easy as I can. Ok, got off on a tangent there! Wow!

Anyways....if you look off to the right, we are now in the teens!! I haven't had any extra contractions. I am up to three herb pills a day. In another day I go up to four. I don't think I've gotten past taking 4 or 5 before I had the last two babies. Although Jedidiah is a special case as we induced. But that may be why the induction with herbs went so well as my body was very ready. One can only speculate. So maybe we will be having a baby in a week. My bet is somewhere between the 7th and 10th. Jeremiah is hoping for a July 4th baby. I don't think the baby will come that early, but hey, they have a mind of their own :-) I am really itching to find out who this wee babe is!! So look for a change in blog color (pink or blue) to announce what gender we have. I feel like a little kid the night before Christmas! What are we getting? Truly I have to say for the first time I actually want to have a boy. However I would be so wowed over if it is a girl. To think we have four girls, all different in looks and personalities, and to put fifth in there seems so impossible. Will she be different than all her sisters, will she look more like one of them, or share more of one's personality.....I am just assuming that if we have a boy that he will be different. I am not sure why I think that way.

Ok, I'm off to bed. I had a rough nights sleep last night and am hoping to not have a repeat! I am hoping to get some pictures up soon!!!

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