Sunday, June 15, 2008

A little more on our weekend

I just thought I would share this with you. Like I mentioned earlier I finished washing all the baby clothing, which consisted of copious amounts of gender neutral colors, but a handful of all of Jedidiah's boy clothing. I kept all the pink stuff in the boxes. But now I am that wise? The other day we had the privilege of picking up a gentleman from the airport to drive him to our pastor's house. He is from Australia and is going to be moving his family to the USA. The incredible thing is that he is basing his decision on where to live on his final church choice. Pretty amazing! So we got to talking about a lot of things, one of which was just the normal, how many children, ages, etc. He asked first, so we told him we have 4 girls and 1 boy with another baby on the way, what we think is a boy, but do not know for sure. He told us he had the opposite, 4 boys and 1 girl, with another on the way, which they were sure was a girl....until they had an ultrasound which revealed that it was a boy! Uh, oh.....:-) His wife is due just a few days after I am, and their children are close in age to ours (the oldest being 9, with the rest going down by the odd numbers, ours on the even year plan at the moment :-) ) Now obviously I know this baby could be a girl, but I'm wondering if we need to be more prepared, with a few pink things washed. As if the baby is going to care what color they wear! Not to mention that although I really felt that our boys name was "it", I have been having feelings of doubt over it. I'm not sure why, it's not like I don't like the name. But all our babies names were just rolling in my head, I would say them over and over and it would just seem so "right", but this time that isn't happening. Hmmmmm.....I suppose I am making more of this than need golly I have a whole post on it already! :-) Just thinking out loud I suppose.

We had church here at home as Flannery got the throat thing that Moira and Saoirse had two weeks ago, and what I am now assuming that Jedidiah had this past week when he kept grabbing his throat for a few days. Not being one to share *everything* we stayed home. I will be making up the lemon pie and then trying to keep the house from getting messy again before our guests arrive. Jeremiah will be bringing home some chicken fryers (he went to church, as he has to drive the Australian guest back to the airport) for our dinner. I have to make up the grocery list as tomorrow is shopping day. And let me tell you, we need to go shopping! Granted I have a freezer full of dinners, but I refuse to dig into those. I was totally shocked to go in and grab some more wheat from the 50# bag to find that we have very little left, with all the cooking I've been doing. The next order goes in for mid July and will get here early August. I won't be doing any cooking during those times, but I'm not sure if the grain I have left will last the next month. Some people from church go to this one store way up yonder where they carry 50# bags, and they take orders from everyone before they go. I'm hoping that they are going soon!

Ok, enough rambling....but just enough to say "shame, shame" to my sister if she read all this because she should really be packing right now :-) Hee, hee! Their family is moving across the country in like 4 days!!! On top of it she has two scrub tops to she'll need prayers to get everything done quickly and patiently. And prayers for safety on their travels.

And to my lovely sister: I know antibiotics are for bacteria only.......but my hormones didn't care at that moment :-) I'm just going to pump my kids with that lovely garlic concoction I have. I don't know how I will get it into them! I'll have to have some bribe. With Jed, I can put it in his tube feeding. Trust me this stuff is Nasty (with the capitol "N").

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Katie said...

Is that throat thing contagious via the Internet? I had some crazy weird thing this weekend where I was hit like a mac truck Saturday night, stuffy nose, and my throat hurt so bad that I woke up at 3 am feeling like I could hardly breathe! Today.. I'm feeling almost totally normal again. Weird.

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