Thursday, June 19, 2008

We made it!!

Well we made it to the 36 week mark, we are now in the clear if the baby should decide to come now. We have just about everything, less two items. I have my room almost ready to set up. It is getting very exciting.

I will be starting my birth herbs today. Usually I start at 37 weeks, but since we are not sure if I am 36 or 38 weeks I decided to start now. I start off way below the dosage level anyways. Plus they recommend that you start at 36 weeks, but we've always waited an extra week. Soooo this is really feeling like the time is short. Today's to do list consists of making up a bunch of breakfast burritos, some for today's breakfast and some to freeze. I have more laundry to hang out to sun bathe. I want to finish up my room today as well. And to top it all off I need to get some general cleaning done. We have the OT coming tomorrow and the program coordinator. I think this will probably be her last visit with us. It is amazing to see how much change and growth there has been for Jedidiah over this last year and even these past few months. It will be weird not to have someone coming to our house for some sort of therapy visit.

I really want to be able to get the kiddos outside a bit more. With all the stuff to do inside getting ready, outside time has been minimal. They were out last night at someone elses house. That of course is always more fun than outside time at your own house :-) They had a tree swing that did not risk your life or limb like ours :-) Plus baby swings, which Jedidiah just loved, and a big play structure, along with a neat see-saw. So they were having a blast. Over here we have a yucky pool. Not sure how it got yucky so VERY fast. But it is and it will need to be cleaned out. And we have some tick infested woods, or the dogs. But we also have a fun gravel road to race or bike down, since it is a hill.

Okee dokey, I need to go hang that laundry, the sun if finally coming up over the trees.


Pam's Pride said...

I would love to know what herbs you are using...what your family takes...which herbs are your favorite! If you have time...I know you are really busy with the baby coming and life in generally...could you send me an eamil? I would love to learn! My family and I have only been using herbs for about 3 years and still feel like I have a lot more to learn!

Thanks so much!!

Katie said...

What herbs do you take, if you don't mind me asking? I wanted to take 5w and alfalfa before my last birth and didn't because I'm currently with a doctor who is anti-herbs (switching to a midwife for next time). Then I ended up going late and being induced by pitocin :-P

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