Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Commence crying NOW

Yes, more laundry woes. I had those clothes hanging out to sun, except that the pole to keep the laundry high enough off the ground kept falling, and then eventually broke. That wasn't nearly as bad as what I just read on line as I was still trying to find any natural solutions to killing off mildew. As a recap when my sister visited us back in August she determined that we had a mildew problem on our clothing. So we washed all towels in bleach and everything else in vinegar and hot water. The clothes came out smelling clean....for a while. Once our towels got wet again at least a wash or two later they had that smell back. So we thought maybe we had to buy all new towels, that they were just "bad" towels. But I just read that front load washing machines are the worst as harboring mold!!! The problem is the actual machine!!!!! So I am washing all these clothes in a contaminated machine! We thought maybe we just had a chain reaction, one item got mold on it, and it spread, etc. NO, it's being spread by the machine itself. Cry, cry, cry.......wipe nose, repeat. Now not all is for not, as my sister just told me. The measures that I have taken probably did kill off a bunch of mold. I did find a product out there that will kill it off in your machine. And from our own experience and others, bleach did not work. I made sure to bleach our machine, just in case it was the problem. But we have still had the mold problem. Come July first we are ordering the product on line that will do the trick. It has articles by reputable people, companies who have seen this work. So there is hope, its just that after ALL this work, to think for one minute it was a bust just makes me want to throw in the towel and say, "I quit!". Add in some more crying here, for dramatic effect. Don't worry I am not really crying, although I feel on the verge of it. There I got all that off my chest, how very therapeutic this blog can be. Now I need to go put some more laundry into the dryer, reload my contaminated washer, practice relaxation (for the birth), crawl on hands and knees (to turn my posterior baby--which I think has worked, but I will do it some more for good measure), and then tackle some cleaning.

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MandyMom.com said...

Well, that explains it! I can see there is mold in my front loader.. how do you get rid of it! It's right where the door closes! And my towels stink.. I have to wash them after one or two uses, whereas we use to do it every 4 or so uses.

What is this special product that cleans the washer?

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