Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yesterday was Jedidiah's two year check up. The doctor was pleased with his growth in height. He actually just about touches that 3rd percentile mark!! He said that it was very encouraging. However his weight is still another story. It is making very, very, VERY slow progress to the curve, but at this rate he'll be like 10 before he hits it! He wants us to see Neurology and G.I. again. I told him we already have appointments made with them for this coming month and next. The amazing thing about our doctor is that he actually *listens* to you! I told him we had a couple of theories as to what may be causing this. He said he was totally listening and I went on to tell him. He said that sounded feasible and then went on to prescribe some Nystatin without me asking!! I told him we thought it was yeast. So we started that last night. Plus we changed out his g-tube as well. There was this black stuff inside of the tubing, that is above his skin. I asked the doctor what he thought is was, he said it looked like MOLD to him! That was what I was thinking, but wasn't sure if I was being silly in thinking it. He did say that it could be stomach acid mixed with blood, which would turn black.....I'm open to that too, but we shall see. I am really nervous about giving him the medicine. Not in the way you may think though. To me, at this point, this is our last hope. We have nothing left to go on, so if this doesn't work......Yeah, I'll be upset! So the plan of action is not to introduce any new supplements this week. We were going to start giving him a new supplement that has the glyconutrients in it. But the doctor said we need to know what makes him better (if any of these does). So the medicine is for one week, and I am to keep giving him the good bacteria, although I will increase that drastically. And then its the waiting game. Waiting to see if ANY changes take place this week. From what I heard (form a very reliable source :-)) Nystatin is great because it is the safest choice of antifungal meds, but it does work slower than the other meds out there. So we are not sure when we would start to see a change in his weight due to the meds working. I'll keep you all in the know.

We went grocery shopping yesterday. I had a huge list of non food items that I needed to get. A lot of little things still left on my list of birth supplies. And I'm not sure if it was our luck, or demise, but they were just putting out the school supply sales. Ha, ha. We got a ton of notebooks. I plan on using those a lot more next year. Usually we use them for church and for plain paper. It's cheaper to buy a notebook than a pack of paper. It's like half the price per sheet! I got some pens, folders, glue and rulers. I am waiting for the pencils as the last two years Staples had a pack for a penny! I'll keep my eyes out to see if that sale comes again. I just don't remember the time the sale came out. Around here schools start up in August so our sales come out sooner than other peoples.

I am hoping to have a quiet but productive week. I have a handful of meals to make up, then I will be done. I still have cleaning to do, and am hoping to engage the girls in that more. This is supposed to be our last week of school, but I think Isa in particular will have a couple of more days of math to do.

Have a great day! And if you look over to that spinning baby it's on the number "30"!!! That means tomorrow it will be in the 20's!!!! And you know what comes then, the teens and then the single digits!!! WOW oh WOW!

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