Friday, June 06, 2008

Can we say, "Twenty Pounds?"

YES, it has FINALLY happened! I put Jedidiah on the scale this morning and there it was in all of its glory.....20 0.0 The "0.0" is where the ounces go, but he was just 20 flat. Now as exciting as that was it was still not great. Only because that means he has gained a meager 2.5 ounces in two weeks or so. BUT at least he is gaining, and not remaining static, or losing. I just wish the gaining would be quicker. I called one alternative doctor, but she no longer comes to this area. I have another one to call, hopefully today or on Monday. Jedidiah has his two year check up coming up on the 16th. I am hoping to get some insight into his new brown patch that I noticed on the back of his hand this past weekend. When he had visits with the neurologists they kept asking me if he had any white or brown patches on him. At the time he didn't have any type of patches. Then.....Sunday I see it. It takes up about a third of the back of his hand, but it is very light. Not something anyone else would probably notice just hanging out with us. But non the less I called about it and they want to see him. The soonest appointment is July 18th. It looks like Jeremiah will be taking him for that appointment! I personally do not plan on having this baby late, and this baby is due July 17th. I am personally planning on having a newborn in my arms by then :-) As if I had control over these things :-) Anyways, his two year check up comes much sooner and I am hoping our family doctor will be able to tell me if this is something really to worry about. We will still be keeping the neuro appointment, just to be sure of things, but I am hoping to hear something much sooner than 6 weeks.

I have Isabella's dress almost done, just have the hem and the buttons to do. But I still have to cut and sew the pinafore. I should be able to get it all done tonight. The only thing I don't think I will be able for her to have for tomorrow is the bonnet. There are only so many hours in the day. And lets just say I borrowed some of today's hours last night to get as much done as I did. While the girls are at the first gathering of the retreat tonight Jedidiah and I will go out for some special time and to get some buttons for the dress. I am looking forward to hopefully getting a camera sometime soon and can't wait to take pictures of Isabella in her dress. She picked out the material and it came out really nice.

Have a great day!


Dawn said...

Hooray for Jedidiah's weight gain!
God knows what He is doing, just continue to put your hope and faith in Him. :)
What could those patches signify? I hope nothing serious! : /

My birthday is July 18th...maybe it will be a blessed day and you will have your baby on that day as well! :-)

Can't wait to see pictures of Isabellas dress!!! I love little girl dresses...they always look so adorable in them. :-)

God Bless your weekend!
Dawn (new reader)

The Redeemer Liveth! said...

Oh Mrs. Pechin!
It's marvelous to hear about Jedidiah! Praise Jehovah! I've been thinking about your family lately, praying for you. I can't wait 'til your newest little one has come!!! You make a GRAND announcement on the blog with lots of pictures! We are praying for your family! God bless you all!
In Our Lord,
Anna Stone :)

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